Stay ahead of your external risks and opportunities

Current approaches to corporate sustainability and risk management are incomplete and outdated. While some risks are unknown, others, like ESG, are difficult to identify, measure and address. Manual data analysis, limited surveys and temporary consultants only make this process more challenging.

Datamaran offers a fully automated digital solution to accelerate and strengthen the identification, analysis and monitoring of external risks. Powered by AI technology, it is the only software available to offer up-to-date, data-driven insights into the regulatory, reputational and strategic risk drivers on ESG issues.

Companies worldwide use Datamaran’s evidence-based and dynamic approach to inform their materiality, risk management and reporting processes. With Datamaran, our clients save time, cut costs and gain confidence in their strategy. 

As the market leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for external risk management, Datamaran evolves with our clients’ needs.
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Novo Nordisk

"We need reliable data-driven inputs and robust assessments of business critical information and insights into what is coming next. That is where Datamaran is an indispensable ally."

Susanne Stormer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Novo Nordisk

What is powering Datamaran?

Datamaran’s Artificial Intelligence technology automates processes used for the identification, analysis, and monitoring of external risks. Supported by a team of data scientists as well as ESG, risk and legal experts, the software analyzes millions of data points from publicly available sources. These include corporate reports (financial, sustainability reports as well as SEC filings), mandatory regulations and voluntary initiatives, news and social media.

Datamaran offers more accurate and complete insights into regulatory, strategic and reputational risk drivers. It uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique to analyze, interpret and understand the text from these sources (narratives). This technique offers more comparable insights into key issues and related trends, and helps you gain more value out of the data.


Understand and capture

stakeholder opinions on a

 single cloud-based platform


Meaningful insights from  

credible sources underpinning

a structured business process


Auditable, defensible and dynamic  approach with access to raw data


Strategic insights and data on-demand, saving you time and money


ESG Portfolio Analysis

A new way for asset owners and asset managers to assess ESG, technology and geopolitical risks across their investment portfolios.

  • 100+ ESG topics
  • Peer- and sector-comparisons
  • Reporting on portfolio alignment
  • Key standards and normative frameworks

ESG Due Diligence

Identify material industry issues for target companies; understand peers’ positioning on those issues to support M&A activities.

  • Tailored analysis with pre-set industry parameters
  • Multiple sources for robust, yet fast, results
  • Benchmarking capabilities
  • Best practice identification to support strategy

About The technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data Analytics


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