"What really impresses me is the whole idea of rethinking what you can do with information rather than how you get it"

Paul Druckman, Non Executive Director, Financial Reporting Council

Time is Money. Knowledge is Power.

Our business intelligence platform supports several user types. These are:

For our corporate users, there are four key use cases, depending on your level of corporate maturity. These are Benchmarking, Materiality Assessment, Integrated Materiality Assessment and a fully integrated ERM process.

To find out which level of Datamaran you need, take our short quiz which will guide you to the level of access best suited to your professional requirements. 

Materiality Assessment

We’ve created a powerful offering for materiality assessment combining data-driven analysis, stakeholder analysis and ongoing monitoring capabilities. Transparency on non-financial issues is becoming mandatory through the G20 and EU, increasingly influencing the way that companies act and operate.

“Datamaran provides a data-driven approach to identifying and prioritizing material issues on a continuous basis – not just once-a-year. We save time, reduce cost and stay forward-looking – all while doing more with less.”


In a recent customer poll, 71% told us the main problem Datamaran solved for them was helping them to benchmark their company against competitors.

This feature enables our users to create their own profile, and to compare it with a selection of peer companies to provide a fast and effective comparison of their position against their peers.

“What used to take 100 hours of manual, tedious research takes me only a few clicks. I can benchmark my company against my competitors and industry leaders instantly, without having to sift through hundreds of pages of corporate reports.”

We have also developed a Benchmark for Consultants’ service which offers multiple user profiles.

62 %
Search Analytics

Sophisticated Search Analytics

In a recent customer poll, 62% told us the sophisticated keyword search feature was the most useful feature of the platform. Think of it like a search engine for corporate reports. Search for any keyword, or create sophisticated keyword searches, to discover how and why your competitors and peers are discussing any given issue.

“It allows me to assess company information very quickly, provides insight so much quicker than any ‘manual’ tool, plus provides sufficient flexibility to enable specific tests”

Strategic Issues Monitoring & Early Warning System

At the more comprehensive access point of Datamaran, the software provides a fully comprehensive strategic issues monitoring system which takes into account the full suite of essential corporate disclosure data, regulations, news and Twitter analytics to enable our clients make informed, data driven business decisions – at any time. This also allows to detect early risk signals through automated alerts, historical data comparison and instantaneous analysis of database updated on a daily basis.

“Datamaran offers a systematic process and controls to monitor industry, regulatory and media developments around our priority issues – in a continuous, forward-looking way. We now have a safety net.”

Enterprise Risk Management

Our SaaS platform, Datamaran, is a powerful and sophisticated risk modelling system. The scenario building feature has immediate value in modelling risk – users can identify and build data around current use cases such as third party risk modelling. The datasets are extremely valuable in attempting to identify trends over time to capture future areas of focus.

“You can’t predict everything but if you’re building a resilient company, then it’s your ability to anticipate what’s next on the horizon that matters. With Datamaran, we can assess risks and opportunities based on credible insights.”

Corporate Responsibility

Using a system that is designed to capture examples of best practice on sustainability issues across a multitude of different ESG and sustainability frameworks, not only helps our CSR clients to be more productive in managing their corporate responsibility, but to actually deliver important data to back up the business case for sustainability.

Responsible Investment

Datamaran provides the most useful sources of data enabling analysts to measure company performance across ESG issues, turning unstructured data sets into tangible and measurable analytical tools for responsible investment. Our responsible investment clients use this approach to monitor and assess investment risks and opportunities.

“Seemingly hidden insights into a company’s strategy are now revealed. We can now create data-driven investment models that objectively evaluate companies and industries – more quickly and reliably than any other provider or analyst.”

The most powerful business intelligence tool on the market!