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Trusted by the world's leading brands

Endorsed as best practice by regulators (EFRAG and SEC)

The European regulator EFRAG highlights the crucial role of technology in linking ESG risks and opportunities to strategy, recognising Datamaran’s data-driven approach as a best practice and profiling our clients as leaders.

Datamaran executive dashboard tornado view

Reduce the risk of greenwashing

Identify priorities and focus on what matters for your business.

Benchmark against peers and analyze the wider ESG regulatory and news environment to reduce risks and reveal opportunities.

Automated analysis to prioritise issues, develop stakeholder engagement, create annual strategies, identify regulatory disclosures and run materiality audits.

Review and present the verifiable data stakeholders need, whether they are employees, board members, investors or regulators.

Develop an informed and authentic ESG position for your organization that resonates with customers and partners.

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Avoid surprises, take control

Spot emerging ESG issues early and maximize resources.

Constantly monitor news, company reports and regulations for a dynamic and holistic overview of ESG.

Pinpoint new and emerging ESG issues that will impact your business, allowing you to update stakeholders and alert them to red flags.

Review how issues develop and make a proactive, strategic decision to stop challenges becoming a crisis.

Ongoing automated analysis allows greater team efficiency, reducing the impact of the ESG skills gap, helping them focus on quality and adding business value.

Datamaran executive dashboard monitoring
Craig Rogerson - Hexion

With Datamaran's data-driven approach to external risk analysis and input from key stakeholders, Hexion is now better positioned with a robust strategy to drive results and systematically monitor our success against ESG risks and opportunities

Craig Rogerson CEO, Hexion
Melissa Tominack

Datamaran is a critical input to our corporate strategy, risk management, disclosure and engagement… especially when we are reporting the results and sharing this with our executive team and our Board of Directors, this gives them comfort in knowing that we're on it.

Melissa Tominack Manager, Corporate Responsibility, AEP

Datamaran’s unique technology ensures businesses have the actionable and quantifiable data they need to prepare for the rapidly changing expectations of society from corporations. Datamaran brings transformative results to businesses around the world – including Fortive – to accelerate progress for a more sustainable future.

Justin McElhattan, VP & Group President of Fortive’s Environmental, Health & Safety Group

Datamaran gave us the worldview we needed to understand emerging issues and trends, including new regulations in the pipeline that could directly or indirectly affect AEP

Sandy Nessing Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at AEP

Powerful features for confident decision-making


Identify which ESG risks are new and require immediate action or monitoring.


Visualize how each risk changes over time to allow better prioritisation.


Track regulation development over time to predict future requirements.

Analyst query

Dive deeply into the data to get the big picture, right down to granular level analysis.


Integrate stakeholder surveys into your analysis for a holistic 360 view of risks.


See which ESG issues are becoming more prevalent to plan future initiatives.

See how Datamaran can help you

Datamaran’s AI platform empowers business leaders to navigate the complex ESG landscape with confidence by transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

Datamaran is the leader in Smart ESG, enabling companies to identify and prioritize issues material to their operations, deepen their teams’ ESG knowledge, monitor risks and opportunities in real-time and authentically own their ESG strategy in-house. Supported by Datamaran, C-Suite from the world’s most trusted brands are confidently making data-driven decisions and taking their company’s ESG from one-off compliance-focused exercises to governance-centric initiatives that drive business value.

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