About Datamaran

Our vision is to embed ESG into the DNA of every major company in the world, because that is when real change can happen.

Datamaran comes from humble beginnings, an idea germinated by three founder members in the East End of London, but we are now established in the boardrooms of some of the largest global companies. We might have pioneered the use of technology to bring order to the complex world of ESG risk and reward, but at our core we are a people business. 

Our experts come from diverse backgrounds in ESG policy, banking and technology. All have a deep understanding of the challenges you face and a shared passion to change how the world does business. We have offices in London, New York and Valencia. Our people live and make an impact across the globe.

If you are a business leader, or the ESG leader of your business, contact us for a demo to see how we can help you to create real change.

“We have 120 clients now, but what if we had 1000 or 5000? That is when real change can happen.”

JP Lecourt COO & Co-Founder

Organizations adopting the smart way to ESG

Dell Technologies
Kraft Heinz

Leadership Team

Marjella Lecourt-Alma

Marjella Lecourt-Alma is the CEO and co-founder of Datamaran. Marjella leads a diverse team of more than 120 ESG experts, data scientists, commercial executives, and technology professionals. She is globally recognized as a thought leader and is regularly featured in the media, including the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Economist, and CNBC’s Power Lunch.

She commissioned and directed the world’s first documentary on corporate sustainability and ESG, called the “New Heroes of Sustainable Business” which premiered at Climate Week NYC in 2023. The award-winning film amplifies the voices of business leaders who have gone beyond compliance and are championing a smart way to ESG. The documentary has been a lifeline to executives in charge of ESG for the first time, giving them the confidence to become sustainability heroes in their own right.

At 30, Marjella became the youngest female Director of the Global Reporting Initiative - the most widely used standard for measuring and managing ESG issues. She joined the GRI headquarters in Amsterdam in 2007 where she successfully set up the Services Department.

Marjella is also an Advisory Board Member and Ambassador to the Bachelor of Science Global Responsibility & Leadership program at Campus Fryslân - University of Groningen.

Jérôme Basdevant

Jérôme is CTO and co-founder of Datamaran. He oversees Product and technology, leading a team of data scientists technologist and industry experts. He is the creator of the AI engine behind Datamaran. Under his guidance, the team of Data Scientists develop methods that allows us to identify, measure and monitor emerging risks and non-financial issues (including ESG).

Jérôme has over 20 years of experience designing and deploying innovative B2B solutions, processes and analytics for Fortune 500 companies.

Jérôme holds a MSc in Robotics from Ecole Centrale de Paris. He is a member of the AAT Digital Advisory Board and regular speaker on the application of AI to advance business decision-making.

JP Lecourt

Jean-Philippe oversees Datamaran's financial, operational, and legal aspects. He leads strategic engagement with the financial services industry and is one of our 3 founders – the crack team behind our success.

JP has close to two decades of capital markets experience in the Financial Services Industry, from being a Derivatives quant at JP Morgan in Hong Kong in 1996 to Managing Director of Bank of America at 29 years of age. He also was head of US derivatives trading and Deputy head of BNP's Prime Brokerage Risk Management in the US.

Having spent the majority of his career working on Wall Street, JP has real drive, enthusiasm and a keen focus on results when it comes to advancing business decision-making with data-driven solutions.

With a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Centrale Paris, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics Lycee Louis Le Grand, JP is ideally suited to controlling Datamaran's financial matters.