Customer Stories

As a global healthcare company, Organon uses Datamaran to achieve an end-to-end process for material risk identification and monitoring that goes beyond reporting.
Bill Cooper (Nutrien) explains how Datamaran provides a consistent, replicable, and tech-enabled process to integrate ESG-related risks and opportunities into their risk management and reporting processes.
As a leading Dutch bank, ABN AMRO puts ESG factors at the center of its strategy and business model. This article summarizes how ABN AMRO applies a robust materiality process, driven by data and supported by Datamaran.
Melissa Tominack (AEP) explains how her team leverages Datamaran's data-driven materiality assessment to understand the changing ESG risks landscape.
This case study will talk you through how Datamaran client AT&T used AI to deliver a data-driven, defensible materiality assessment. Read more.
Elisa Moscolin, Head of Sustainability & CSR at Santander, explains how her team uses Datamaran to capture more reliable and forward-looking data to inform C-level decision-making.
BMO's response to the COVID-19 pandemic shows how, to be impactful, businesses need to integrate ESG considerations into core business strategy. Watch the podcast.
Itamar Schwartz, Director, ESG Reporting & Disclosures at Teva Pharmaceuticals, shares his thoughts on why a dynamic approach to materiality is crucial.
Sandy Nessing, Managing Director of Global Sustainability at AEP, shares her thoughts on what the COVID-19 crisis might mean for the future of corporate strategy, risk management, and ESG.
Richard Batten, Global Chief Sustainability Officer at JLL, shares his view on how digitalization is impacting the way they do business in a video-interview. Learn more.
Evan Harvey, Global Head of Sustainability at Nasdaq, shares his view on the intersection of technology, risk management, and ESG in a video-interview. Learn more.
Learn how BASF is embedding non-financial topics into its organization, and why there is a need for a continuous topics monitoring process in-house.
Learn how Datamaran helped Philips to implement a more credible and systematic method of conducting reasonable assurance of their ESG data.
We caught up with James Gunselman, Sustainability Manager from Bristol-Myers Squibb, who has recently completed his Datamaran certification journey.
Which reporting framework – GRI or IIRC – is the correct framework to use in your materiality assessment? We spoke with Nishant Parekh, Sustainability Consultant at ING Group.
We have spoken with Linda Freiner, Group Head of Sustainability at Zurich Insurance Group, about enhancing the voice of stakeholders when undertaking materiality analysis.

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