For the first time, Datamaran participated in the Finance Sustainability Initiative (FSI) awards for the Best Sustainability Report in Montreal.
Datamaran are delighted to announce that Nikki Wood has joined Datamaran as Director of Marketing and Partnerships. We sat down with Nikki to hear why she made the move.
Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma reports her three key findings from Edelman's 2018 report that reveals the decline of public trust across a number of institutions.
At Sustainable Brands 2017, Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma presented how leading companies benefit from applying a data-driven approach to their materiality.
Datamaran is collaborating in a cross–sector project designed to educate and implement the SDGs into core business strategy with eight European partners.
Press Release: Forget about manual research – Datamaran launched new version of its AI-powered platform to monitor ESG risks and[...]
In this case study, we look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling Financial Institutions to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunity.
Datamaran is an event partner with Ethical Corporation for the Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit 2017.
Consultants are turning to data analytics and artificial intelligence to add value to clients - we hear from Datamaran's consultant clients.
Datamaran's CEO, Marjella Alma, has been nominated in the Digital Category for the Forward Ladies 2017 Awards, sponsored by HSBC.
This article explains why materiality begins when guidelines stop. This article explores the many definitions of materiality, and presents a new way to manage material issues.
We caught up with Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School to talk about his experience of using Datamaran, and why he thinks it is becoming a "necessary technology" to have for sustainable business.
In this article we explain everything you need to know about the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive which applies to all companies with offices in the EU (of over 250-500 employees).
The rise in non-financial issues in reporting is producing some interesting results. This article explores how business intelligence and big data can help.
An open letter from our CEO, Marjella Alma, on behalf of the Datamaran team on the sad passing of our close friend and advisor Ernst Ligteringen.
Alice Korngold sits down with us to talk about her hopes for an exciting new study, Better World Leadership: The Nonprofit Board Leadership Study - and why she wanted to partner with Datamaran
This article covers everything you need to know about the implications of the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Don't panic - there are some silver linings.
Conducting a robust materiality assessment can be tough. This series promotes best practice with interviews from women in leadership..
Geoffrey Burger provides us with an investors view on data driven investment decisions.
If you want to become an ESG expert, you no longer have to take the manual route. Use Artificial Intelligence.
Amanda Gardiner (Pearson) discusses some of the challenges and opportunities she encountered with her materiality assessment.
Mind the gender pay gap! UK companies are now being forced to publicly disclose their gender pay gap data to improve equality.
The age of artificial intelligence is upon us. Intelligent machines are making us better at our jobs. Find out how.
Mervyn King discusses the importance of non-financial disclosure requirements in defining which key issues are material.
Datamaran is proud to be a fully diverse organisation promoting equal rights, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco,[...]
As traditionally non-financial issues become material issues, we explore the changing nature of materiality assessments.
  There is a line of thought that states technology has caught up with human potential. Largely unhindered by technical constraint,[...]
  One of the many products created in the current paradigm of international institutions and treaties with countless signatures is[...]
Whether you like it or not, we are in the midst of a big data revolution. We are faced with[...]
 2016 has been a rollercoaster. One which will see far reaching effects in business survival rates across the global landscape. It[...]
Or why the irresponsible conduct of that supplier in a remote corner of the world puts you at risk… It[...]

Big Data

Big data has saturated modern technology processes, and as such has become a vital component in business strategy.

Drawing from 3 powerful sources – corporate reports (over 50,000 reports issued by the world’s largest 7000 companies), regulations (full geographic coverage of over 3000 regulations); and over 1000 online news sources and Twitter analytics. Narrative analytics and natural language processing provide in depth and qualitative data to inform the discussion.

The database is “living” so we access new reports as they’re published. Why wait for the next financial year – see what’s trending now.


Our Artificial Intelligence platform maps 6,000 synonyms to 100 economic, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues, making it not only fast, but intelligent in understanding the value of the language used within the sources it scans.

Our technology identifies consistencies – and inconsistencies – in unstructured data sets. Combined with our team of experts who “teach” the machine what it needs to understand, and who undertake extensive quality checking, this is a dream system that gives you incredible power, speed and intelligence. Imagine what you could do with access to the best AI and the best people. 

Expert Informed

Utilising our passionate team of data scientists, PhD researchers, lawyers and business strategy experts, to name a few, this blog brings you news on a comprehensive range of topics affecting businesses today and into the future.

We discuss everything from supply chain risk management, to materiality, business survival, global responsibility, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the big data revolution and even the VW scandal and how a sudden silence on an issue could help companies to identify risks and prevent future scandals. 

Stay tuned for up to date insights from our expert community.