​About Us

Datamaran is the global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for non-financial risk management.

Former GRI Director, Marjella Alma, recognised the problems facing businesses in monitoring and reporting on sustainability and non-financial risks, and decided to take action. Together with former Wall Street Quant specialist, JP Lecourt, and Technology and Analytics consultant, Jérôme Basdevant, they set up Datamaran, and began work on creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that would provide fast, efficient and powerful insights into risks that businesses need to identify, assess and manage.

Datamaran enables a business process for continuous issues monitoring fully owned by the sustainability and risk teams. It harnesses technology to support decision-makers with an improved materiality analysis process – one that seamlessly integrates into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and corporate strategy.

Datamaran’s global clientele of blue-chip companies have replaced the dated and expensive manual processes used for benchmarking, materiality and non-financial risk analysis as well as issues monitoring.

The insights Datamaran users gather are used across multiple business teams (governance, risk, compliance, sustainability) to identify and monitor risks and opportunities and to inform corporate strategy.

Datamaran is a well-known and trusted partner of established advisory firms that use the service to augment their consulting offerings. If you are looking to explore how Datamaran can support you, please get in touch with Nikki Wood at nikki@datamaran.com

Our Mission

Help businesses ensure continuous resilience through evidence-based decision-making.

Our Vision

Create scalable technology solutions for markets and society to function better. 

Our Values


We have different backgrounds, we are from all around the world and we have diverse expertise. What unites us is our focus on performing at our best, continuously learning and thriving as we face new challenges.  


We are a close-knit team who support one another with the bigger vision in mind. We think two heads are better than one, and we consult with and support our colleagues to find the best solutions for our clients.


We are an ambitious company with a mission to put sustainability risk on the radar of every business – and we are passionate about using the latest technology and our creativity to achieve that.


Change is a constant, and we are ready to bend and flex to adapt to the external environment and jump on opportunities. Our vision is clear, but the path to get there may change; we are excited about every twist and turn.

​About the Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our primary use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is via Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, which allow computers to interpret human language. We process thousands of corporate reports (annual reports, sustainability reports and SEC filings) identifying topics of interest and ranking the emphasis of the level of disclosure on each topic. Ultimately, our AI engine automates the interpretation of the narrative used in each document, which offers an exponential increase in productivity.

Data Analytics

We capture sources of data including corporate filings and reports, regulatory initiatives, social media, stakeholder opinion and news. These sources are then curated to ensure the coverage is robust and quality assured both geographically and across different business sectors. To these sources we apply NLP technology, focusing on the narrative to analyze a series of emerging issues. This is when the user starts to interact with the data. Using a series of filters, a user creates a scenario or scenarios based on their own business needs. This helps to build a perspective of the risk and opportunity across these emerging issues from a competitive, regulatory and reputational standpoint.

Societal Opinion

We also use NLP to analyze stories in the news, utilizing named entity recognition to identify companies that are being discussed in these articles and looking for trends in the topics that are being frequently mentioned alongside these companies.

Cloud Based

The SaaS (Software as a Service) is cloud based platform with the service offered on an annual license agreement basis. Being SaaS means customers trust that Datamaran continuously evolves along their journey and provides the best software service tailored to their corporate needs. SaaS scales automatically and provides a continuous value for the users.

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“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA

“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA

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