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For too long, external risks have been ignored. Understanding and monitoring external risks, like pandemics, climate change and diversity and inclusion, is business-critical. They have profound financial implications, as demonstrated by the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report.

And yet, most companies are unprepared and often get blindsided because they do not have sufficient processes in place. Traditionally, these risks have been managed through ad-hoc projects and programs dependent on manual research and subjective opinions. In a constantly shifting global space, this is no longer sufficient. 

Failing to take these risks seriously puts your business in danger. They belong to the core of your organization, not exclusively siloed in separate sustainability functions. 

Our clients

Datamaran clients

Datamaran clients

Datamaran is the market leader in external risk management - trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners. It is the only software in the world that supports a data-driven business process for monitoring external risks and opportunities. 

We offer a different path, one that helps companies cut through the complexities and understand their external risks across the value chain. Whether you are looking to start your journey or make the next leap, Datamaran can help you. 

Our approach is based on evidence and facts, not opinions. Datamaran's patented and award-winning technology supports a structured business process for external risk identification and monitoring, so you make confident decisions now and for the future.

Datamaran in business and academic research

Leading organizations and institutions worldwide have adopted and endorsed Datamaran’s approach to risk management and issues monitoring. Datamaran is a well-known and trusted partner of established advisory firms that use the service to augment their consulting offerings. If you are looking to explore how Datamaran can support you, get in touch with Donato Calace at info@datamaran.com.

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Datamaran for Students 

At Datamaran, we believe in empowering future leaders with the digital tools necessary to succeed in a changing business landscape. Leadership in the digital age requires an ability to pave the way forward amid disruption and chaos. That’s why we are working with top global universities to provide access to the full Datamaran platform - for free. 

Students and researchers will be able to seamlessly integrate insights from Datamaran into their papers and assignments, while professors and lecturers will be able to bring the power of Datamaran directly into the classroom. 

Learn more about our pilot program by contacting marketing@datamaran.com
Academia - London Business School

The Datamaran experience 

The Datamaran Experience only begins with the software. Join our community of forward-looking business leaders and influential stakeholders and access exclusive insights, policy updates, and innovation opportunities. Learn more about community benefits here.

Datamaran in the press

Datamaran in press

For any press and media enquiries please contact marketing@datamaran.com or via phone at +44 2077029595. 

Zurich Customer Story

We have spoken with Linda Freiner at Zurich Insurance Group about enhancing the voice of stakeholders when undertaking materiality analysis.

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The leading only software in the world for external risk management.

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