About Us

Datamaran is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful semantic business intelligence tools.

Former GRI Director, Marjella Alma, recognised the problems facing businesses in monitoring and reporting on risk, sustainability and ESG issues, and decided to take action. Together with former Wall Street Quant specialist, JP Lecourt, and former Technology and Analytics consultant, Jérôme Basdevant, they formed Datamaran, and began work on creating an AI tool that would provide fast, efficient and powerful business intelligence on large unstructured data sets from the global corporate reporting landscape.

CEO & Co-founder

Marjella Alma

CTO & Co-founder

Jérôme Basdevant

CFO & Co-founder

JP Lecourt

In its fourth year of growth, Datamaran is being used by a wealth of major multi-national companies in 12 countries.


Datamaran is a diverse organisation, with offices in London, New York, Valencia, San Francisco & Mumbai. Our team comprises of over 17 nationalities - including over 50% women, and a fantastic team of male workers, too.

Shared Values

Committed to providing a good workplace for our employees, all our employees are shareholders of the company, and are invested in improving our service offering for all.

Women in Leadership

With strong female leadership from our CEO, and over 60% of our senior leadership team being women, our team outshines the recommended 30% of women in senior positions.

Our Mission

To help companies ensure resilience in a volatile market by having access to new insights enabled through technology

Our Vision

A world where investors, public and private sectors integrate non-financial issues into their decisions for better results

Our V​alues

​Innovation, Productivity, Knowledge, Quality, Transparency

​About the Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our primary use of AI is via Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, which allow computers to interpret human language.  We process thousands of corporate reports (annual reports, sustainability reports and SEC filings) identifying topics of interest and ranking the emphasis of the level of disclosure on each topic. Ultimately, our AI engine automates the interpretation of the narrative used in each document, which offers an exponential increase in productivity.

Data Analytics

​We capture sources of data including corporate filings, regulatory initiatives, social media, stakeholder opinion and news. We curate these sources to ensure the coverage is robust and quality assured both geographically and across different business sectors. To these sources we apply NLP technology, focusing on the narrative to analyse a series of emerging issues. This is when the user starts to interact with the data. Using a series of filters, a user creates a scenario or scenarios based on their own business needs to build a view of the risk and opportunity across these emerging issues from a competitive, regulatory and reputational standpoint.

​Societal Opinion

​We also use NLP to analyze stories in the news, utilizing named entity recognition to identify companies that are being discussed in these articles and looking for trends in the topics that are being frequently mentioned alongside these companies. Additionally, the platform can monitor Twitter, which is a useful component in being able to predict changes in socio-cultural norms (which often proceeds regulatory changes, and therefore, can be used to predict areas of future risk).


We currently perform these tasks in English, and plan to add additional language functionality to our product later this year.

Cloud Based

​The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is cloud based, and we sell it on a monthly and annual user license agreement.

​Our USP

​Our technology takes a narrative approach to analyzing corporate data. Datamaran is the Bloomberg of environmental, social & corporate governance data.

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