Datamaran puts global market intelligence in your hands, so that you can scan the horizon for emerging risks and opportunities, at unprecedented speed

  • Helps you identify emerging global risks with real-time big data
  • Delivers intelligent insight into material issues
  • Enables you to benchmark 7000 of the world’s largest companies by industry, region, group or individual business
50000 Corporate Reports
7000 Companies
3000 Regulations

1st HBS, Business Angels of London (Nov, 2015)

Finance Monthly, Game Changers Award (2017)

TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist (2015)

The most powerful business intelligence tool on the market!

Artificial intelligence

The cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the Datamaran platform will cut your research time by 90%

Powerful analytics

Our powerful analytics and visualisations will reveal previously undetectable trends for your user cases

Global coverage

Its global coverage gives you total transparency and up to date information at the click of a button

“Datamaran is the most efficient tool to achieve an in-depth understanding of corporate reporting ever built.”

Andreas Hoepner Associate Professor of Finance, Henley Business School

“Every time I show colleagues what Datamaran can do they are blown away.”

Cora Olsen Head of Triple Bottom Line Reporting, Novo Nordisk


  • Large global datasets analyzed in a few clicks
  • Continuous monitoring of industry trends
  • Easy, effective analysis of corporate value chains
  • Real time monitoring of news and social media


  • Structured insights from unstructured data
  • Global coverage, tailored analytics
  • Detailed benchmarking against competitors
  • Automated visualizations for digestible data

Time is Money. Knowledge is Power!

Datamaran has been designed to help organisations throughout their business maturity journey.

As such there are numerous access points, depending on your needs.

Our machines are trained by PhD-level world-class experts, giving you access to quality assured datasets, powerful analytics and real time trend monitoring capabilities.

These are divided into do-it-yourself platform access points, and high level services in addition to your own user access.

Level 1: Products (entry level platforms)

To access our do-it yourself packages, getting started is really simple. Just sign up via the buttons below and you'll have access in no time. 

1. Sign up

2. Access the platform

3. Undertake research

4. Produce reports

  • Visual Analytics
  • Sophisticated search 2010 - 2015
  • Gap analysis
  • Benchmark module
  • Scenario building
  • SDG mapping tool
  • GRI mapping tool
  • Visual Analytics
  • Sophisticated search 2010 - Present
  • Gap analysis
  • Benchmark module
  • Scenario building
  • SDG mapping tool
  • GRI mapping tool

£ 70/month

  • Visual Analytics
  • Sophisticated search 2010 - Present
  • Gap analysis
  • Benchmark module
  • Scenario building
  • SDG mapping tool
  • GRI mapping tool

£ 700/month

*on an annual subscription basis

Level 2: Services (professional in depth access and support)

When you begin to work with us at the expert services level, you can delve into a wealth of more complex data sources.
Datamaran Professional unlocks access to a number of important alternative analytic sources, and the necessary expert training required to get the best results.

These are important in order to fully understand the risks and opportunities within the regulatory environment and monitoring public opinion helps you align your messaging with what matters to your customers.

  • Newsflow (monitoring online news coverage – 1000 online news sources)
  • Observe (monitoring over 3000 global regulatory initiatives – both soft and hard law)
  • Engage (powerful stakeholder analysis and ability to monitor public sentiment across Twitter)

Roadmap to success

We will sit down with you to discuss your project objectives and goals, and will create the roadmap to success with you

Scan horizon

We will tailor make a series of data solutions to enable horizon scanning for the issues that matter most to your business

Discover hidden insights

We will help you to uncover hidden insights that are important to the future strategic direction of your business

Stay ahead

We will help you to stay ahead of the competition, with access to our team of experts, raw data-sets, and bespoke data intelligence services

“Datamaran is a powerful tool which saves me a lot of time.”

Cora Olsen,
Head of Triple Bottom Line
Novo Nordisk

“With Datamaran, we can get ahead of emerging regulation, industry trends and public sentiment, and make decisions based on credible insights”.
Jennifer Leitsch,
Director of Corporate

“Datamaran gives us the data to support those important conversations and more importantly, to enable us to drive action.”
Samantha Mesobrian,
Director of Corporate
Social Responsibility,

“Datamaran brings game-changing data intelligence and market surveillance capability on emerging risks. The clarity and speed of the platform is powerful.”
Andrew Bird,
Global Services

Datamaran is one of the most powerful and sophisticated business analytics platforms in the world. Continuous business intelligence enables efficient identification of hidden meanings, trends, risks and opportunities.

Natural Language Processing technology allows our software to read, monitor and analyze the narrative across a range of business issues – in the same way a human expert would. In fact, our machines are trained by PhD level experts. Analytical reporting research which used to take a month, can now be achieved in a few clicks.

The platform searches through and analyzes a comprehensive and robust set of data across a variety of sources, including corporate reports (annual financial reports, non financial Reports and SEC filings), regulations, online news, and Twitter to help you capture opportunities and navigate risk.


The most powerful business intelligence tool on the market!