9 December - 4.00 pm GMT | 5.00 pm CET | 11.00 am EST

The Three Big Wake-Up Calls for Boards from 2020

What learnings from businesses’ response to the events of 2020 can be applied to other systemic and external risks?

Faced with increasing external risks - from global pandemics to social justice and economic challenges - Boards of Directors and senior leaders have been forced to rethink their companies’ risk management and overall governance practices

In an  exclusive Global Insights Report, Datamaran and The Conference Board consider whether companies are adequately integrating these and related risks into their core business strategy. The findings reveal insights for what’s ahead and how companies can prepare for other emerging risks. 

Watch our virtual event to learn about these key risks, discover the main findings of the report, and hear from experts on what Boards and CEOs can do to address these risks and prepare for emerging risks.

About the Global Insights Report: what can we learn from 2020 global events?

The events of this year suggest a need to update old business models for a modern world of increasing systemic risks. Companies failing to integrate these business-critical issues into their overall strategy will fall behind.

During the webinar, we discussed:

  • Intense investor and regulatory interest in corporate risk disclosures - what’s changing
  • Taking a renewed look at corporate risk disclosures - what CFO's can do now 
  • The need for a more data-driven and dynamic approach to materiality and external risk analysis - how companies use patented technology to remove blind spots

Watch our webinar to learn how to advance your corporate governance and risk management practices.

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