Strengthening GRC: what the C-Suite needs to know about emerging risks, value creation and impact

28 May - 10.00 am EDT | 3.00 pm BST | 4.00 pm CEST

The current health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is shedding a necessary spotlight on the need for effective management of emerging risks. 

What appears financially immaterial today can quickly prove to be business-critical tomorrow.

Investors, regulators, and social organizations are asking tougher questions more frequently. In this webinar, learn how the C-Suite can stay in control.

Join our webinar with finance, risk, and technology experts on May 28th to learn about practical ways to strengthen GRC in a time of crisis.

The speakers

Strengthening GRC | Speakers

Upskill your team

We will explore new forms of external risks, and discuss how technology can help the C-Suite: 

  • Capture timely and accurate information on external risks;
  • Strengthen and accelerate their decision-making;
  • Have insightful reporting at speed; and
  • Ensure a defensible process that meets investor expectations and regulatory requirements.

CFOs in particular have an expanded role to play. They and their teams need to account for the financial impacts of risks presented by climate change, pandemics, and more, and must consider different scenarios to ensure viability in the short- and long-term. 

Join the webinar to learn how to stay in control.

How is the external risk landscape changing?

Business leaders need to view their organization’s strategy in the now, next, and beyond. This requires insightful reporting on emerging and existential risks, based on external data that offers a wider perspective. Without this, decision-makers can find themselves making important decisions without all the relevant information

This is especially relevant in the age of COVID-19, where issues related to governance practices, environmental impacts, and societal considerations are taking precedence. And for good reason. 

In the current global situation, investors have noticed  the relative resilience of ESG funds compared to their non-ESG counterparts. This will only accelerate the already exponential growth in demand for such investments and, by extension, the data underlying them.

Now, more than ever, corporate executives and boards need to frequently monitor the external risk landscape to ensure that their risk operating model is fit for purpose.

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