The quest for “true” materiality: make it work for you

16 May 2019, 9 am EST / 2 pm BST / 3 pm CEST

How do companies define what is material for them?

With an array of definitions of materiality available from standards, investors, risk managers, public and industry bodies, it is becoming increasingly harder to determine the “ultimate way” that works for your business – one that is thorough yet efficient. 

How do you reconcile the definitions provided by a range of frameworks, such as, GRI, SASB and IIRC to FRC and COSO? And how should your materiality definition for non-financial issues be linked to financial materiality?

We discussed these and other questions in a live webinar on 16 May.

The Speakers

Datamaran webinar | The quest for “true” materiality: make it work for you

Finding your materiality approach quickly turns into a quest for a holy grail.

With the volatile and fast moving nature of ESG topics, how “safe” is it to run your analysis once every two to three years?

In this webinar you will hear different stakeholders’ perspective on what they think a robust materiality analysis looks like, and how to define materiality in a way that works for your company, as well as what purpose this ultimately serves, including the following: 

  • Is it enough to follow one guiding framework?
  • Should you mix and match the different ones and in what proportions?
  • How not to end up developing your own methodology and not to become a “slave” of this process?
  • Why materiality determination process is coming at the forefront for stakeholders
  • What is a must in materiality determination process according to business, standard setters and policymakers

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