Monitor, adapt, win: what the plastic waste crisis tells us about monitoring risk

16 April - 3.00 pm GMT | 4.00 pm CET | 10.00 am EST

In the last 30 years, plastic pollution has gone from a minor concern to a major crisis

Growing public awareness of plastic waste's environmental impacts is shedding light on the financial, regulatory and reputational risks for investors and corporations alike.

Policy makers, particularly in the EU, are taking a hard stand - from working towards banning the use of single-use plastic to encouraging circular economic models. Consumer preferences are also changing, with more and more people demanding plastic alternatives. 

Businesses need to take heed in order to get ahead of these rising risks.

Join our webinar on 16 April 2020 at 3.00 pm GMT (4.00 pm CET | 10.00 am EST) to hear innovative solutions from Morgan Stanley, Eastman, and Datamaran.

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The speakers

Monitor, adapt, win: what the plastic crisis tells us about monitoring risk

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why plastic waste warrants a closer look from the investment community 
  • How companies are integrating circular economy models into their value creation and risk management strategies 
  • Opportunities for capital market engagement to scale solutions across the plastics value chain 
  • How to catch the next risk before it becomes a major concern.​​

The costs of ignoring the signals

The plastic crisis has policy makers sitting up and paying attention. The EU has banned single use plastics by 2021. The UN has amended the Basel Convention on Hazardous Waste to include plastic waste. Even NYC has recently implemented a five-cent tax on plastic grocery bags.

Companies need to be paying attention in a shifting regulatory landscape. The financial costs of not doing so can be immense. 

What the plastic crisis teaches us is not only the importance of sustainability-focused business models, but also the speed at which a seemingly small concern can become huge. Staying ahead of the curve has never been more important.

Join our live webinar on 16 April to learn more about exemplified by the plastic crisis.

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