Datamaran 4’s Materiality App Launch 

Date: March 27th, 2018 

There’s a new way to do materiality analyses, and it will change the way you work forever. In this webinar we present Datamaran 4’s Materiality App, a game-changing technology that makes materiality fully automated, fast and robust.

Datamaran’s Materiality App enables sustainability professionals to save time previously spent doing manual research, providing high quality results much faster than before. Hear from Datamaran’s CEO and Co-founder Marjella Alma how Datamaran’s 4 Materiality App works, how issues are prioritised, and how it will help you to enable a data-driven and pain-free materiality analysis.


  • Marjella Alma, CEO & Co-founder at Datamaran
  • Nikki Wood, Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Datamaran
  • Maeva Charles, Director of Customer Success at Datamaran
  • Donato Calace, Director of Innovation at Datamaran

Duration: 39m

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