Continuous Materiality Assessment powered by Datamaran 

Date: April 5th, 2017

How you can leverage technology to support your materiality assessment? Learn from this webinar how you can move from a once-a-year materiality assessment to a more continuous, dynamic, and evidence-based approach with Datamaran.

We call this process “Continuous Materiality Assessment”, and it will enhance the competitiveness, compliance, and timeliness of your analysis. Watch the webinar to know more on how Datamaran can help you.


  • Maeva Devienne, Customer Success Manager, San Francisco
  • Leo Gutson, Customer Success Manager, Madrid
  • Carolien Gadella-van-Wersch, Business Development Director, Rotterdam
  • Donato Calace, ESG Research Manager, London

Duration: 47m

Want to unlock the seven secrets of a perfect materiality process?

The 21-page e-book gives you an in-depth and step-by-step guide on how to conduct a robust and time efficient materiality analysis in seven easy steps.

Whether you’ve done your assessment before or only thinking of starting your first one, with seven key insights you will be able to create the perfect materiality analysis for your organisation.

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