Susanne Katus

VP of Brand and Business Development

As VP of Brand and Business Development at Datamaran, Susanne helps to align market developments and corporate needs with Datamaran's product and services. 

She works closely with their global network of users from multi-national corporations, which underpins her belief in the value of practical, data-driven solutions to influence corporate behavior. 

With a research background in emerging markets, Susanne has global experience advancing ESG strategy in business. She has worked with various industries and stakeholders (regulators, international organizations, academics, businesses, industry associations, accountants and the media), is a published author and guest lectures at MBA programs. 

With previous experience working at the Global Reporting Initiative alongside Datamaran's CEO Marjella Alma, Susanne possesses a strong overview of the key issues that we cover at Datamaran. 

Fun Facts: Susanne has lived in 4 countries in the past 8 years, and speaks 4 languages. She's a New Yorker that prefers to be on a surfboard or skis.

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