Vittorio Nigrelli
Vittorio Nigrelli Customer Success Associate

​​Product Analyst

As the Product Analyst, Vittorio provides support for clients, performs ontological research and contributes to the maintenance of the Newsflow database.

Vittorio previously worked for two years as policy analyst for the Italian website The Fielder. He worked at ISFIN as the Head of Research where he contributed to a who’s who guide to Islamic finance professionals. Vittorio also brings in an experience as event organiser as he worked for three years with two cultural organizations (Trepuntozero and Ora Liberale) organising all their internal and external events.

Vittorio has a BA in History from the University of Turin, where he developed an interest for ethical banking, his dissertation was on the “objections to the prohibition of interest in Islam”. He subsequently obtained an MA in Islamic Law from the School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London, with a dissertation on the compatibility between Artificial Intelligence and Islamic Law. His academic interests lie in linguistics, ethical banking and Artificial Intelligence.

Fun Fact - He has challenged himself to become a hyperglot (6 languages spoken fluently) before he turns 30.

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