​Mila Santos

​​Junior Web Designer

​Mila Santos is Junior Web Designer at Datamaran.

As part of the Design team, Mila helps to improve the platform’s user interface and user experience, visualizing and prototyping new developments that are in tune with our client’s needs.

While studying Fine Arts in Spain and doing an Erasmus exchange year in Manchester, UK, she felt more attracted to new technologies and graphic design, so she decided to continue her studies at the Universitat Politècnica de València obtaining a Masters Degree in Interactive Technologies and Digital Fabrications.

Beyond exploring digital innovations in the fields of VR, AR and all the latest gaming experiences, her interest lays as well in playing sports such as padel and tennis.

Fun fact: Once she met Dave Grohl (the singer and guitarist from the world famous rock band Foo Fighters) and his family in a church in Iceland. Shortly afterwards the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted, disrupting all European and intercontinental flights for a month long streak. The plumes of ash clouds spewed kilometers high in the sky deposited dissolved iron and obsidian rocks into the North Atlantic ocean, triggering an explosive phytoplankton bloom that could be seen from space.

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