Lola Jabbarova

Research Associate

Lola uses her legal research and policy analysis skills to assess regulations and public policy initiatives throughout the world. She is responsible for enhancing and updating the regulations database in the Observe module of Datamaran.

 Her experience is in law and international development, and prior to joining Datamaran she did a placement at Chatham House, a leading global think tank. Lola has worked in a top-tier central Asian law firm, and was an active volunteer with the United Nations in Uzbekistan. Lola is interested in law, good corporate governance, global development and internet governance (cyber security, policy).

 Lola holds a BA (hons) in Commercial Law from the University of Westminster and was awarded the Dean’s List Award for outstanding academic performance three years in a row. She also holds a Masters in Public Policy from Oxford University, where she was the first Uzbek female to study public policy at Oxford.

 Fun fact: Lola was selected to meet HRH Prince William during her School's Opening Ceremony and when she discussed her research interests, he replied "oh that’s too smart for me".

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