Lianet Sepúlveda Torres

Senior Data Scientist

Lianet is a NLP software engineer and researcher with experience in machine translation, second language learning and implementation of lexical resources. Lianet is also the creator of ActivaTM (Translation Memory Management System).

Lianet is very interested in exploring machine learning and NLP technologies to extract knowledge from large quantities of data.

Lianet graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from the Higher Polytechnic Institute “José Antonio Echeverría”, Havana, Cuba. Additionally, she holds M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science, both from the University of São Paulo in Brazil. 

Fun Fact: Lianet has a female cousin who was born three days before her. When they were children, their grandfather used to go out with them to visit neighbors. Each time someone would ask their names, they voluntarily changed their identities. At the end of the day, the grandfather was so confused that even he couldn't remember their names! 

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