JP Lecourt

​CFO & Co-founder

Jean-Philippe oversees Datamaran's financial, operational, and legal aspects. He leads strategic engagement with the financial services industry and is one of our 3 founders – the crack team behind our success.

JP has 17 years of experience in Capital Markets in the Financial Services Industry from Derivatives quant at JP Morgan in Hong Kong in 1996, to Managing Director of Bank of America (at 29 years of age), head of US derivatives trading, to Deputy head of BNP's Prime Brokerage Risk Management in the US.

Having spent 16 years working on Wall Street, JP has real drive, enthusiasm and a keen focus on results.

With a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Centrale Paris, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics Lycee Louis Le Grand, JP is ideally suited   to controlling Datamaran's financial matters.

He volunteered for a year with New York Cares cleaning the cages of animals in shelters, teaching old people to use computers so they could communicate with their grandchildren, and playing board games with Alzeihmer patients in the late stages. All while running trading at Deutsche Bank.

Fun Facts: JP has played the world series of Poker (twice) and owned two clubs in New York where he partied with Maria Carey, Puff Daddy, Lionel Ritchie and ZZ Top.

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