Jérôme Basdevant

​CTO & Co-founder

Jérôme is co-founder and CTO of Datamaran and he leads the Spanish office. He is the creator of the AI engine behind Datamaran. Under his guidance, the team of Data Scientists develop methods that allows us to identify, measure and monitor emerging risks and non-financial issues (including ESG).

Jérôme has over 20 years of experience building and leading international cross-functional teams to design and deploy innovative B2B solutions, processes and analytics.

Jérôme is highly qualified, with an MSc in Robotics and Operational Research from Ecole Centrale de Paris. He is a member of the AAT Digital Advisory Board and frequent speaker on the application of AI to the business world. 

Fun Fact: Jérôme once managed to persuade Pulp and Elastica to play at his University social event as part of the Student Association.

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