Haris Odobasic

Haris Odobasic - Datamaran

Senior Account Manager

Haris is Senior Account Manager at Datamaran.

Haris has a background in sales and business development. At Tesla, he joined at the opening of the showroom in Hamburg. With his sales team he was engaged in scaling the market expansion of Tesla in Northern Germany. As Account Manager at Oracle, he was part of the cloud sales team for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). He was involved in ERP projects for large multinationals and the German Stock Index (DAX) 30 companies.

He holds a BSc in International Economics from the University of Groningen and a MSc in Global Business and Sustainability from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

With a self-starter mentality and a hunger to succeed he enjoys embarking on new challenges. He is interested in various fields: economics, sustainability, artificial intelligence, literature, writing and photography.

Fun Fact: Haris absorbs books like sponge. In 2017, he read around 100 books – ranging from fiction to non-fiction. He is especially interested in the biographies of the founding fathers of the United States. 

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