Rada Lewis
Rada Lewis Graphic Designer

​Graphic Designer

Rada likes to call herself a “holistic graphic artist”. She applies her skills and talents to the creation of visual communications for conscientious independent organisations and corporations as well as to the making of illustrations, artist books and fabulous tales.

Rada studied Slavonic philology for a Master’s degree in her native Bulgaria and achieved a first degree in Design at Goldsmiths in London.

Rada is proud to have worked with a wide range of organisations including data intelligence providers, such as Context and Datamaran, charities, such as Save the Children in the UK and GAG in Barcelona. Her clients also included advertising agencies, such as Novuolo in Catalunya and BETC in Brazil, government bodies, including the Consulate of Venezuela and the Barcelona municipality, syndicates like the ITF in London, and the Global Labour Institute in Manchester. Last but not least, Rada has also designed projects for children, poets, independent film makers, architects and musicians.

Fun fact: Rada’s first job in the UK was at a clairvoyants’ agency where she was in charge of the weekly newsletter.

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