Felix Dauth

​Insights Manager

Felix uses his detailed research approach to convert raw datasets into reports and content for the team at Datamaran, and he is responsible for the Newsflow module of Datamaran.

Felix has a real interest in sustainable business and enjoys both getting into the details of research, and having an overview of the bigger picture of why it’s necessary.  

Felix began his professional career with a 2.5 year apprenticeship as an Industrial Business Management Assistant in Berlin. Following the apprenticeship, Felix went on to study BA in International Business and Management, specializing in International Sustainability Management in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands.  During his degree, Felix founded a sustainability, marketing and communications company, called Greenlid, spent an Erasmus semester in Izmir, Turkey, and undertook an internship in Energy Economics at OMV AG in Vienna, Austria. 

 Fun Facts: Felix has lived, worked and studied in 6 different countries (Germany, the Netherlands, United States, Austria, Turkey and the United Kingdom) and once did a 33 hour straight bus tour across Turkey (from Van to Izmir).

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