Dr. Donato Calace

​Director of Accounts & Innovation

Dr. Donato Calace is the Director of Accounts and Innovation at Datamaran. In this role, he heads global innovation projects for the firm as well as the sales and account strategy. He is the bridge between the community of existing and potential Datamaran users and the tech/product teams.

Donato is also in charge of the relationship with the Technical Advisory Committee consisting of international technical experts in ESG, AI and risk management. He speaks frequently at expert-conferences world-wide.

Donato defines and implements a replicable approach across the sales team for engaging and closing opportunities. He also advises on the prioritization of business-critical R&D projects, understanding and anticipating the competitive (product) landscape. Finally, he leads on the engagement and cooperation with the academic world.

Starting from 2019, Donato is in charge of leading the expansion of Datamaran’s operations in the United States.

A true expert in his field, in June 2016, Donato was awarded a Ph.D. in the international program “The Economics and Management of Natural Resources” developed by the LUM Jean Monnet University – Italy, Megatrend University, Belgrade (Serbia), China Three Gorges University (CTGU – China), Louisiana Tech University (USA) and Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University (SPbSFTU – Russia).

Recently, he wrote the definition of materiality for the Encyclopedia of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals edited by Springer.

Fun Fact: Donato used to write videogame reviews for gameplayer.it


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