Dr. Donato Calace

​Director of Accounts & Innovation

Dr. Donato Calace is the Director of Accounts and Innovation at Datamaran, and is responsible for the dictionary of linguistic terms that stands at the foundation of Datamaran's analysis. Donato's role explores the best uses of applying Natural Language Processing technologies to corporate reports, regulations, social media, and news.

A true expert in his field, in June 2016, Donato was awarded a Ph.D. in the international program “The Economics and Management of Natural Resources” developed by the LUM Jean Monnet University - Italy, Megatrend University, Belgrad (Serbia), China Three Gorges University (CTGU – China), Louisiana Tech University (USA) and Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University (SPbSFTU – Russia).

During his PhD and visiting period at Cass Business School, he focused on the relationship between non-financial disclosure and environmental performance; reporting and market value; national culture and sustainability reporting. He presented results of his studies at international conferences and published them in scientific journals, such as the International Journal of Sustainable Development. The results were also published in specialized reviews such as Ethical Boardroom. A list of citations featuring Donato’s work are available here.

Fun Fact: Donato used to write videogame reviews for gameplayer.it


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