​Lucy Bassett

​​Business Development Representative

As a Business Development Representative at Datamaran, Lucy is responsible for sourcing, generating and building new business opportunities for the company.

Lucy has four years' experience in the sales industry. She has a passion for this sector because Lucy thrives within a fast-pace, dynamic, and challenging environment.

She graduated from the University of Southampton, with a Bachelor of Science in Geography. After completing her degree, she moved to China to teach English and travel across Asia.

Lucy has a strong interest in environmental issues and how emerging sustainable technologies can be used to overcome these challenges. This interest led her to travel to India with her University to help aid the set up a sustainable social enterprise. This enterprise is now tackling the waste management issues within Mumbai.

Being adventurous, ambitious, and creative, she is always looking to try new things, meet new people and create good memories. 

Fun Fact: Lucy has hiked up the Great Wall of China.

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