Meet The Team

Associate Industry Analyst

Michael Agenga

Data Scientist

David Arenas

Community Manager

Feym Akdas

CEO & Co-founder

Marjella Alma

CTO & Co-founder

Jérôme Basdevant

HR & Operations Manager

Agostina Bianco

ESG Research Manager

Donato Calace

Research Associate

Felix Dauth

Customer Success Manager

Maeva Devienne

Creative Director

Bart Dykstra

Director of Business Development

Carolien Gadella-van Wersch

Business Development Manager

Ambalika Gupta

Customer Success Manager

Leo Gutson

Communications Manager

Rupert Hill

Research Associate

Lola Jabbarova

VP Business Development

Susanne Katus

Business Development Associate

Raeesah Khan

Software Architect

Nirdosh Kumar

CFO & Co-founder

JP Lecourt

Head of Research

Erin Levey

Senior Marketing Manager

Shona Maguire

Front-end Developer

Carlos Muncharaz

Data Scientist

Angela Onslow

Data Engineer

Alberto Pacheco

Client and Investor Relations, Europe

Hedda Pahlson-Moller

Research Associate

Ana Pérez

Kate Rubin Datamaran

Client & Investor Relations, North America

Kate Rubin

Senior Data Engineer

Hamed Saljooghinejad

Client and Investor Relations, Europe

Cécile Sevrain

Research Associate

Claire Walls

Data Analyst

Anuja Yadav