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Current approaches to external risk management are incomplete. Manual data analysis, limited surveys and temporary consultants only make this process more challenging.

Datamaran enables a fully automated and digitized approach to external risk monitoring, tailored to your business and value chain. In house - on your own - at any time. 

Powered by patented technology, Datamaran offers near real-time analytics to strengthen and accelerate decision-making. 

Companies worldwide use Datamaran for:

  • External risk analysis of emerging issues - ESG, geopolitical, technology - powered by AI;
  • Ongoing monitoring of these material and emerging risks through a live dashboard;
  • Strengthening transparency with a clear audit trail (exportable data);
  • Capturing external data that offers a wider perspective;  and
  • Customized executive insights tailored to internal reporting needs. 

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Trusted by:

Clients - December 2020
Reasonable assurance: Philips puts data scrutiny first
Reasonable assurance: Philips puts data scrutiny first

“What we now have with Datamaran is a process that is not only extremely auditable but also, in my opinion, provides a far deeper insight.”

Simon Braaksma, Senior Director, Sustainability Reporting, Philips

Why Datamaran?

Datamaran is the market leader in external risk management - trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners. It is the only software that supports a data-driven business process for monitoring external risks and opportunities.

Our process is:


Gain insights into current and emerging

issues from credible sources

in nearly real-time


Monitor external risks

in a live dashboard,

powered by AI


10x faster than traditional 

approaches enabling quick


based on facts


Auditable, defensible approach

with access to raw data and

executive-ready insights

Thanks to its powerful cutting-edge technology, you can scan the ever-changing market for emerging global risks and opportunities, and strengthen your internal controls with a systematic data-driven and scalable approach in-house. Get in touch to learn more.

The only software in the world for external risk management.

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