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Datamaran helps corporate leaders take control of external risks, including ESG.

Automate and strengthen your materiality and risk assessment; gain deeper insights into current and emerging risks and opportunities from the competitive, regulatory and reputational landscape; and accelerate decision-making—in-house, at any time.

With the rising prominence of ESG, business leaders realized they have gaps in their risk reporting and board oversight processes. Manual data analysis, limited surveys and temporary consultants only make this process more challenging.

Powered by patented technology, Datamaran enables a fully automated, data-driven approach to materiality and ESG risk management, tailored to your business and value chain, offering near real-time analytics to strengthen and accelerate decision-making. 

Companies worldwide use Datamaran to:

  • Perform dynamic materiality assessments - compliant with new regulations including Double Materiality
  • Analyze the most complete universe of risks and opportunities - including ESG, geopolitical and technology issues, to integrate in their strategy and reporting;
  • Proactively monitor material and emerging risks on an ongoing basis, and get customized executive insights through a live dashboard;
  • Strengthen transparency and drive consistency across teams and core business processes with a clear audit trail and exportable data;
  • Stay on-top of regulatory, media, and corporate disclosure developments with real-time analytics;

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Trusted by:

Byron Austin

"I reached out to Datamaran because we had promised our board that we were going to develop an ESG strategy by the end of the year. I knew that Datamaran could help us out. Quickly and efficiently, we were able to do materiality in a very short amount of time. And Datamaran continues to be incredibly useful as we fine tune this strategy"

Byron austin
Head of Corporate Responsibility & ESG Management at Organon
Bill Cooper

“We use Datamaran's platform to inform executives [about key regulations, industry, and media trends] to guide decisions on materiality.”

Bill cooper
Director, Issue & Reputation Management at Nutrien
tjeerd krumpelman

“With its data-driven approach, Datamaran has made the process more comprehensive. It ensured that both established and emerging issues are weighted in our initial analysis. From day one, Datamaran has helped us to get a better sense of what is going on, what should be on our long list without the hassle.”

Tjeerd Krumpelman
Global Head of Advisory, Reporting and Engagement at ABN AMRO.
Melissa Tominack - Manager, Corporate Sustainability, AEP

“Integrating material ESG risks and opportunities into a company's strategy is one of the biggest drivers of success. It really helps identify strategic opportunities and business model needs, and helps the company to position itself as agile and competitive.”

Corporate Sustainability Manager, American Electric Power (AEP)
Image is not available

“With Datamaran's data-driven approach to external risk analysis and input from key stakeholders, Hexion is now better positioned with a robust strategy to drive results and systematically monitor our success against ESG risks and opportunities."

Craig Rogerson
CEO, Hexion
Antoni Ballabriga - BBVA

“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga
Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA
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Why Datamaran?

Datamaran is the market leader in external risk management - trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners. It is the only software that supports a data-driven business process for monitoring material ESG risks and opportunities.

Our process helps you with:

Materiality & Risk Management

Conduct a dynamic materiality analysis and update your risk register with deeper insights into material ESG risks and opportunities and peer benchmarks.

Corporate Strategy

Spotlight company-specific external risks & opportunities, including ESG, with an automated gap analysis between your public risk disclosure and competitive, regulatory and media trends.

Board Oversight

Generate quarterly monitoring updates showcasing how the risk landscape evolves, how your peers and others address emerging risks and track related policy developments worldwide.

Annual Reporting - Financial & ESG

Ensure consistency and completeness of your disclosure with data-backed insights into 400+ external risk factors, including ESG, innovation and tech, and geopolitical issues.

Thanks to its powerful cutting-edge technology, you can scan the fast-changing landscape for emerging global risks and opportunities, and strengthen your internal controls with a systematic, data-driven and scalable approach in-house. Get in touch to learn more.

The only software in the world for external risk management.

Awards Datamaran 2015-2022

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