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How long did your materiality analysis take last year? Get it 10 times faster with Datamaran.

Identifying material issues used to be painful and lengthy, costing you unreasonable time and money, and often involving consultants undertaking manual desk research and surveys.

Rapidly-evolving technology means that companies are effectively using artificial intelligence and big data analytics to streamline their materiality analysis process.

Datamaran 4’s powerful Materiality Application seamlessly improves the materiality analysis process, making it robust, data driven as well as time and resource efficient.  You will have a confidence in an analysis that is:

  • Data-driven: Based on credible data sources, not opinions
  • Robust: analysing millions of data points, giving you the broadest view
  • Cost-efficient: better quality and more accurate analysis 5 times quicker than before
  • Fast: Lightning-fast results that fully automate the work of a team of consultants
  • Compliant with the GRI, SASB, IIRC and the COSO/ISO standards for ERM
  • Auditable: A transparent methodology that gives you a full access to source data
  • Bespoke: as it is fully tailored to your unique business needs
  • Systematic: Integrated into your Enterprise Risk Management process.

Get your materiality analysis faster than ever before while considerably improving accuracy and breadth of your research. 

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Datamaran has a fast growing client base in 15 markets who have replaced the dated and expensive manual processes previously used for benchmarking,  materiality assessments and to feed their Enterprise Risk Management processes.  We would be delighted to give you a personalized demonstration of Datamaran tailored your specific interests, pleas simply fill in the form below and we will quickly be in touch.

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