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Datamaran makes the previously incomparable, comparable. 

ESG considerations are now material to all investible companies – and there is increasing evidence of a relationship between those material criteria and stock performance.

Yet, traditional approaches to analyzing ESG risks and opportunities are riddled with challenges, including analyses based on subjective judgments and incomplete data.

With the power of AI, Datamaran is the only provider who offers:

  • Comparability
    Across all ESG topics in one screen. Investors gain an alternative, objective and data-driven lens through which analyze over 8,000 companies worldwide.

  • Speed
    At the click of a button we can scan millions of lines of text and sentences from tens of thousands of source documents in seconds. We trained a machine, so you have an army of analysts at your fingertips.

  • Reliability and Transparency
    The machine never gets tired and delivers consistent results.  Furthermore, this is no “black box” as we tell you exactly how the machine works, with the source data to back it up.

  • Customizability
    Our flexible ontologies allow you to map to a variety of frameworks and/or themes – SASB, GRI, SDGs or your own themes – all of this is possible through Datamaran.

Zurich Insurance: Get your stakeholder voice heard - case study

See how Zurich Insurance assesses company preparedness to manage climate-related risks with Datamaran’s data.

  • Qualitative portfolio construction and screening against 100+ ESG topics 
  • Relative ranking analysis of 8,000+ companies based on data-driven, objective issues-based scores
  • Material issues identification and monitoring
  • Thematic analysis using a customizable ontology of 100+ ESG topics
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring to identify emerging trends

How can Investors access Datamaran’s ESG Data Product?

  • Datamaran platform for portfolio screening/construction: “Heatmaps” derived from our ESG Emphasis Scores produce a relative ranking analysis – at portfolio, Industry, Sector level etc.
  • Data package: a standalone data package of all of our ESG Emphasis Scores against all of our ESG topics and for each company we cover.  For upload and incorporation into existing systems and investment processes.

What is Datamaran’s ESG Emphasis Score?

When a company regularly reports on an issue, this is a clear sign that the issue(s) is at the forefront of its corporate consciousness - and is far more likely to be taken seriously.  Conversely, when a company fails to disclose sufficient information on their governance and practices for a particular issue, they’re either unaware of it or they’re uninterested. Either way, this can be a serious danger for any business - and your investments. 

Let’s take three recent corporate scandals: Boeing, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Following two tragic plane crashes, Boeing faced reputational damage and a fall in stock value. Volkswagen faced public judgment when it was shown to have cheated on emissions testing. And Nissan’s scandal involving fraud committed by senior executives revealed a major governance failure. 

In all three cases, the companies had failed to report material information related to the scandals in the preceding years:

  • Boeing almost never referred to product and service safety when compared to its peers 
  • Volkswagen lacked transparency around air emissions
  • Nissan had the lowest, or near lowest, transparency of all the major car manufacturers around governance issues.

Datamaran identified these red flags using our proprietary NLP algorithms, developed by our team of data scientists and ESG, risk and finance experts. 

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