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Measuring and managing external risks is challenging. It’s difficult to transform data into quantitative and decision-useful insights. This is why most companies do not have a solid and formalized risk process in place.

A good risk management process better equips a company to deal with issues with potential negative impacts, based on both internal and external information. These issues do not only represent short-term risks with immediate impact or likelihood, but they can also be weak signals that require monitoring.

Thanks to Datamaran’s technology and data, risk professionals have an objective and efficient way to identify these risks and fill the gaps that prevent them from putting a robust process in place.

Internal vs external, showing that DM supports the external side

Datamaran is collaborating with EY to offer the most complete advisory services supported by technology. EY is the first of the Big 4 accountancy firms to put non-financial risks at the core of its risk advisory offering.

Questions Datamaran can help you answer:

  • What are the emerging global issues appearing in the competitive, regulatory and media landscape?
  • How much traction do these issues get and who is driving them?
  • How can we mitigate these risks?
  • How do these risks evolve?
  • Where is this evolution coming from?

Reasonable assurance: Philips puts data scrutiny first

"What we now have with Datamaran is a process that is not only extremely auditable but also, in my opinion, provides a far deeper insight."

Simon Braaksma, Senior Director, Sustainability Reporting, Philips

Your risk radar on Datamaran

Datamaran digital solution can be used in various stages of your risk process: identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring. 

Thanks to its powerful cutting-edge technology, you can scan the ever-changing business environment for emerging global risks and opportunities, and reinforce your internal controls with a streamlined, data-driven and replicable approach.

As your risk radar, Datamaran analyzes millions of data points on 100+ topics points from:

Corporate reports across


Hard laws worldwide


Soft norms worldwide 

International media

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