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Robust materiality analysis:
how it works

Companies have for too long relied on incomplete and subjective judgments to understand which ESG issues are most relevant to their business. 

Datamaran Materiality offers the only data-driven and digitally-enabled solution for companies looking to get a hold of these issues. What was once a labor-intensive and expensive project is now a reliable business process that improves efficiencies and grounds decision-making in fact. 

Powered by AI technology, Datamaran Materiality automates the analysis of different stakeholder views. It offers a wider, deeper and more objective perspective throughout the year.

Fortune 500 companies depend on Datamaran to:

  • Identify priority and emerging issues year-over-year  
  • Track how these issues evolve month-by-month
  • Spotlight emerging issues and key drivers of change
  • Inform external and internal reporting with objective insights

Datamaran at Climate Week NYC 2019

Decision-useful insights for:

  • Sustainability/ESG decision-makers  
  • Governance, risk and compliance executives
Itamar Schwartz - Teva Pharmaceuticals
Teva Pharma

“With Datamaran we are able to refresh our analysis at the click of a button - enabling us to keep our strategy relevant. We have the ability to help with prioritization and impact in a way like never before - and that rests on getting the C-Suite involved and engaged with ESG processes.”

Itamar Schwartz, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Your materiality analysis on Datamaran

Datamaran supports the identification, prioritization and monitoring of current and emerging issues. Capture decision-useful insights to define strategy, inform reporting, and engage with key stakeholders. Datamaran analyzes millions of data points on business-critical topics from:

Corporate reports across industries

Hard laws worldwide

Soft norms worldwide

International media

Datamaran is trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners. We have strong ties with consulting firms like EY and ERM who needed a way to integrate external risks into their strategic risk management consulting offerings.

Clients - July 2020

Datamaran's methodology ensures consistency in the analysis, offering insights that are as bias-free as possible. However, using technology does not mean that the human element is taken out of the process. 

While Datamaran's AI engine does the analytical groundwork, companies are always in control of the process. You can set the parameters of your analysis to focus on specific companies, regulatory drivers and media sources, as well as apply different weights to the stakeholder voices represented by these sources. 

Datamaran Materiality can also complement more traditional stakeholder engagement approaches. It includes dedicated survey functionalities to support wider-stakeholder contribution to the analysis and enable better integration into corporate strategy.

The approach is framework-neutral, ensuring a comparable analysis that can also be mapped across a variety of standards including SASB. 

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Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga, BBVA

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