Robust materiality analysis: 

How it works

Robust materiality analysis:
how it works

Companies have for too long relied on incomplete approaches to understanding which ESG issues are most relevant to their business. Getting ahold of these risks can seem a little overwhelming and yet, the financial implications that they have are profound. 

Datamaran Materiality offers a robust and yet dynamic solution for corporate decision-makers looking to get ahold of these issues, improve efficiencies, build confidence with stakeholders and make fact-based decisions. Companies gain an improved approach that seamlessly integrates with risk management. What was once a labor-intensive and expensive project is now an efficient and evidence-based business process.

Powered by AI technology, Datamaran Materiality automates the analysis of different stakeholder views. It offers a wider, deeper and more objective perspective based on corporate disclosure, regulatory and media risk drivers and trends.  

Throughout the year, companies gain decision-useful insights into current and emerging issues. More specifically, Datamaran Materiality helps companies to define strategy, inform reporting and monitor risks and opportunities by: 

  • Offering a more complete and comparable and dynamic analysis of key stakeholder views - e.g. your peers, regulators, policy makers and the media;
  • Supporting an auditable process that offers deeper insight into these stakeholder views; 
  • Facilitating validation and engagement via a built-in survey function
  • Enabling comparisons of key issues across geographies, industries and over time to facilitate issues and trends monitoring; 
  • Accelerating benchmarking to identify gaps and leadership opportunities; and  
  • Simplifying the identification of best practice to inform strategy and reporting.
Zurich Insurance: Get your stakeholder voice heard - case study

"Datamaran really helps us to stay tuned with what is going on in the outside world according to the perspective of our stakeholders. We can adapt quicker and better identify whether we need to refocus our priorities as we gain more from the Datamaran-enabled materiality process."

Linda Freiner, Global Head of Sustainability, Zurich

Why Datamaran?

Companies worldwide trust Datamaran. They rely on it’s evidence-based approach to identify, understand and monitor critical business issues, define strategy and inform risk management. 

Datamaran strengthens and accelerates your ability to see what’s going on in the outside world. It saves you time, cuts costs and delivers more accurate insights. Our process is:


Understand and capture 

stakeholder opinions on a 

single cloud-based platform 


                   Meaningful insights from

              credible sources underpinning

               a structured business process


Auditable, defensible and dynamic

approach with access to raw data


    Strategic insights and data on-demand,

                 saving you time and money


             Aligned with existing risk

      processes and reporting standards

Stay in charge

Using technology does not mean that the human element is taken out of the process. While the system does all the analytical work, ensuring objective consistency in the methodology, the user is always in control of the key parameters that drive the outcomes and applies a different weight of importance to each component.

The platform ultimately helps to take control of issues monitoring processes in-house, embed non-financial issues into business on a systematic and ongoing basis.

The Datamaran approach can be complementary to the traditional stakeholder engagement and surveying; it empowers and integrates the process. Engaging stakeholders is a key activity for monitoring the pulse of the closest communities of stakeholders, and Datamaran has dedicated functionalities to survey internal and external stakeholders.

Datamaran's methodology ensures consistency in the analysis, offering insights that are as bias-free as possible. However, using technology does not mean that the human element is taken out of the process. 

While Datamaran's AI engine does the analytical groundwork, companies are always in control of the process. You can set the parameters of your analysis to focus on specific companies, regulatory drivers and media sources, as well as apply different weights to the stakeholder voices represented by these sources. 

Datamaran Materiality can also complement more traditional stakeholder engagement approaches. It includes dedicated survey functionalities to support wider-stakeholder contribution to the analysis and enable better integration into corporate strategy.

The approach is framework-neutral, ensuring a comparable analysis that can also be mapped across a variety of standards including SASB. 

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“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA

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