Data-driven due diligence for M&A

With heightened scrutiny from stakeholders, as well as growing compliance and financial risks, the inclusion of ESG issues in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence process is a must-have. Cornerstone to this process is the identification of material ESG issues - to illuminate the key issues that should be on target companies’ radars.

Datamaran Due Diligence offers a fast, and yet robust, digital solution for company deep dive analysis, as well as associated site visits and other interactions with relevant parties.

Datamaran is the only software available to automate a tailored ESG materiality analysis based on relevant data. It offers up-to-date insights into competitive, regulatory and reputational risk drivers.   

More specifically, this innovative software application supports M&A due diligence by:

  • Providing greater confidence in the relevance of identified material issues by taking into account external factors (competitors, industry, suppliers, customers, governments, trade associations, international organizations, NGOs and media);
  • Giving access to underlying raw-data to provide evidence and examples behind the results (e.g. peer disclosure, news articles, regulations...);
  • Enabling automated peer and sector benchmarking analysis on identified material issues to determine the maturity of the target company; and
  • Offering a systematic and replicable process to identify and understand material ESG issues that present potential risks in order to adjust estimated target companies’ value and opportunities.

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“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”

Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA

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