External risk identification and monitoring for senior leaders and board members

Proactive decision-making with the power of patented technology

Understanding and monitoring external risks, like pandemics, climate change and diversity and inclusion, is business-critical. And yet, most companies are unprepared and often get blindsided because they do not have sufficient processes in place. 

Datamaran is the only software in the world that helps C-level executives and board members tackle these challenges in one go.

Fortune 500 companies trust Datamaran because it offers a data-driven business process for external risk and materiality analysis. In a world where the media and other stakeholders are looking more closely at who is leading on these issues, Datamaran Executive (DMX) is your “insurance policy.”

Business problem

How DMX solves it

What are our external risks? 

Exclusive risk inventory covering environmental, social, governance (ESG), geopolitical, technology and emerging topics 

Which risks are material now and in the future?

Live dashboards and summary reports to monitor risks and opportunities

How and when do we include new risks into our risk register?

A gap analysis presenting new risks ranked by importance

How can we identify new risks in the ever-changing risk landscape?

Access to real time data summarized in trends and exportable to spreadsheets

Your ROI

  • Make data-driven decisions using a systematic, science-based approach 
  • Identify blind spots through sophisticated technology - your new insurance policy 
  • Monitor existing threats and weak signals across a wider universe of data 

When asked about the ROI of Datamaran, Mandy, a governance and ESG leader at a large utility company, suggested that her IT team evaluate and propose what it would take to do something similar internally. IT came back with a proposal. To evaluate only their industry and only in the US - in a way comparable to Datamaran - they’d have to invest at minimum US$2 million in technology, data analyst and consulting fees. Continuing to invest in access to Datamaran – and its global, real-time insights - was a no brainer. 

Digital & Simple

Cloud-based platform

Secure log-ins and passwords

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

One hour set-up

Online helpdesk

Customer support

Ready to use insights

Key business process integration

Team certification

Novo Nordisk

“We need reliable data-driven inputs and robust assessments of business critical information and insights into what is coming next. That is where Datamaran is an indispensable ally."

Susanne Stormer, Novo Nordisk

Ensure consistency in key business processes

Effective risk management depends on credible internal and external data that can be challenged and reviewed by the Board before included in reporting. With Datamaran, scan the global market for external risks and opportunities with a bullet-proof approach and ensure consistency across your:

Ensure consistency in key business processes

Datamaran is trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners. We have strong ties with consulting firms like EY and ERM to complement and enhance their consulting offerings with a data-driven approach.

Datamaran clients
Datamaran clients

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“Data-driven materiality helps us to take better strategic decisions.”
Antoni Ballabriga, BBVA

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The only software in the world for external risk management.

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