Datamaran Pricing

Datamaran is a cloud-based platform offering a service on an annual license agreement basis – also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). Being SaaS means customers can trust that Datamaran will continuously evolve during their journey, and provide the best software service tailored to their corporate needs. SaaS scales automatically and provides continuous value for users.

As a Datamaran customer, you will receive access to the below services as part of your subscription:


Create as many benchmark reports as you wish at a push of a button. Get a strategic perspective to your non-financial risks and opportunities.

  • Benchmark against your peers, industry leaders, customers or suppliers
  • Compare your company to over 7,000 of the world’s biggest corporations
  • Visualize your issues on your topics heatmap
  • Conduct gap and maturity analysis.


Identify your regulatory risks. Tap into the biggest regulatory database of non-financial mandatory regulations and voluntary initiatives.

  • Assess the most regulated topics relevant to your business
  • Over 6,000 regulations (mandatory and voluntary) worldwide
  • Covering over 190 countries
  • Understand the emerging regulations material to your business
  • Analyze topics’ level of regulation in a country of operation.


Identify and assess how non-financial issues are covered in the news. Build your reputational perspective into your non-financial risks and opportunities.

  • Over 1,000 online news sources covered
  • Identify the news based on a story type (legal, financial, reputation etc.)
  • Assess stories related to your company, industry or an issue.


Understand the general public voice through social media data. Complete your reputational perspective into your non-financial risks and opportunities.

  • Millions of tweets regarding non-financial issues
  • Compare most frequently discussed issues
  • Identify the top hashtags by topic
  • Identify influencers around key issues.

Materiality Analysis

Build a robust analysis, powered by evidence-based insights from your peers, regulators, news and social media and key stakeholders.

  • Materiality matrix ready to be used in your corporate reporting
  • Comparison function to see how your ranking of issues changes over time, across regions or business lines  
  • Survey function to validate your issues with your stakeholders.

Risk Management

Enable an evidence-based approach to non-financial risk identification and management, fully in line with Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Ongoing monitoring to stay on top of your key issues
  • Personalized alerts to receive relevant news and insights on the key regulations and initiatives.

Customer Success Support

The platform comes with ongoing support from the Customer Success team, which includes:

  • Strategic on-boarding in line with each customer’s objectives
  • User training for each licence holder
  • Interactive online certification courses available for any license holder
  • Ongoing support via video conferencing, chat and email
  • Exclusive to the Datamaran customer community events and learnings, including annual user forums

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