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Initiative/ Project Description:

Datamaran is a women-led data analytics firm, co-founded by Marjella Alma, former Director at GRI. Their solution - a data analytics platform called  Datamaran - is new, disruptive and was built with the market.

It offers narrative screening of corporate filings, regulations and (social) media sources,  helping investors and corporates monitor emerging regulatory, competitive, and reputational risks with a focus on ESG issues. 

"Datamaran is... probably the most efficient tool to achieve an in-depth understanding of corporate reporting ever built. The regulatory radar in particular has the potential to disrupt classical financial analysis across many sectors and asset classes.” 

 Dr. Andreas Hoepner, fellow at UNPRI and Chair of Datamaran's Technical Committee

Datamaran™ provides an objective and comprehensive issues-focused analysis of trends emerging in corporate disclosure, regulatory developments, and public opinions- the recent Volkswagen scandal is just an example. 

As suggested by Bloomberg BNA: VW’s disclosure could have been a tip-off to regulators and investors - if they had had the right data. 

Social Results:

Datamaran™ was born out of a need for consistent, dynamic, and objective market intelligence on new forms of risks and opportunities that are emerging in relation to the environment, social changes, and regulatory developments. We use unique technologies and techniques – semantic analysis, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – to break-down the silos that exist between financial, environmental, social, and corporate governance issues.

Datamaran™ is the first SaaS (software as a service) to visualize ESG insights based on narrative information extracted from a variety of publicly available sources. Its databases include corporate annual reports (financial, sustainability and SEC filings) of over 6,100 companies, 1,500 regulations (and counting) and multiple media channels to provide a multidimensional perspective of strategic ESG risks and opportunities. 


Business Results:

Our pilot program included multinational companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel Pvt. Ltd., BSH Hausgeräte Gmbh., Munich Airport, CLP Power Hong Kong, and KPMG. We launched our solution in June 2015 at NASDAQ OMX and now have 60+ users in the fields of sustainability, investor relations, legal/compliance, and communications. 

“Datamaran is the missing link for our strategic sustainability management. We identify, prioritize and validate relevant topics in our materiality process. Yet, we still needed a tool to better monitor societal, legal and competitive aspects of these topics. Datamaran now closes this gap. The tool provides us with a decision-making basis to derive concrete initiatives to improve our performance with regard to the material topics.”

Dr. Monica Streck, Head of Strategic Sustainability Management , Munich Airport  


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