New research muddles case to ESG outperformance

28 August 2020 - By Billy Nauman, Carmen Germaine and Kristen Talman

Originally published on Financial Times

[...] The EU and other European institutions have issued or updated 343 requirements and recommendations focused on climate change risks and management since 2011, data from Datamaran show, compared with only 53 initiatives in the US.

New research muddles case for ESG outperformance

But US companies have been taking action with or without regulators’ guidance. Two-thirds of companies in the S&P 500 have mentioned climate change metrics in their 10-K filings this year, according to Datamaran, and the same percentage reported metrics or risks around human capital.“

"The SEC’s lack of guidance on how to report on issues like climate risks, human capital management and diversity and inclusion is at odds with getting ESG disclosure more widely adopted and getting investors the information they need,” said Marjella Lecourt-Alma, chief executive of Datamaran. (Carmen Germaine)


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