Press Release: Datamaran launched new version of its AI-powered platform to monitor ESG risks and opportunities

Quantifying stories told in corporate reports and the media is becoming a critical tool for risk management (see also Goldman Sachs here). The award-winning AI-powered non-financial risk management platform Datamaran now makes it simpler and more affordable for companies, investors and advisors to do this.   

On October 16, Datamaran launched the third version of its platform, which leverages real-time big data to identify and monitor ESG risks and derive decision-useful insights from public sources.

Now, more than ever, companies need to understand and manage new risks in order to remain resilient. Recent regulatory developments, such as the Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, literally catapult the topic of climate change onto the desks of CFOs, risk officers and boards.

Datamaran – a tool built “for the market by the market” – released standardized workflows to support an in-depth and robust materiality and risk analysis. Even more so, the technology enables companies to monitor changes over time.

The enhancements make it easier for clients to create finalized deliverables. These time-intense use cases, previously only possible by manual research, are also enhanced through deeper analytical capabilities.

Version three comes with deeper insights on issue-analysis from social media and online news. Furthermore, Datamaran will offer its users a certification after completing a training provided by experts.

The developments are part of the vision to continue to enhance Datamaran as a workflow and collaborative system – enabling clients to develop reports for board, management and other key stakeholders. The company continues to enhance its collaboration capabilities to share and exchange insights – and further develop its automated alerts system for continuous monitoring.

In one platform, users gain a systematic, evidence-based process to identify, prioritize, manage and monitor issues, such as gender equality, digitalization and human rights in the supply chain. 

Datamaran’s robust data sets are used for materiality analysis to support non-financial and integrated reporting – but also provide an information set that can be utilized for enterprise risk management and wider strategy (see leadership example from BBVA’s 2016 Integrated Report here).

Datamaran CEO and Co-Founder Marjella Alma commented:

“In the past three years, we have been able to automate the analysis of incredibly large amounts of unstructured data – we taught machines how to think like humans by putting in place a top-notch team of PhD data scientists to build and curate the analytics. Companies can now incorporate these insights directly into business processes and functions across departments through a tech-enabled platform. This enables them to respond more proactively to the growing market demands – from investors, regulators, employees and consumers – for more transparency on how they are addressing, or prepared to address, these issues. We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support of our global clients, who have imagined with us the possibilities of scaling-up and speeding-up decision-making processes.”

Business executives from ING, Bechtel, Bloomberg and Volans joined Datamaran for an invite-only launch event, which took place on 16 October in Chancery Lane, London (more information here). Together, they discussed how AI technology and big data analytics helps decision-makers to de-risk and seize opportunities.

How Datamaran data scientists train computers to assess corporate reports, regulations, social media and the news 

Datamaran captures and analyzes unstructured data from various sources to uncover emerging trends at the speed and scale that today’s market demands.

The analysis is based on an evolving dictionary of over 100 non-financial issues that reflects and responds to observable real-world changes – and signal to potential risks and opportunities.

With Datamaran, decision-makers capture evidence that illustrates how “previously soft” issues are transitioning from the courtroom of public opinion to the legal courtroom and into boardroom (see financial institution case study here).

Datamaran’s CTO & Co-founder Jérôme Basdevant explains:

“We are swimming in data, and the majority of company information available to decision-makers is unstructured or qualitative. This data is useless, unless it is systematically captured, catalogued and assessed. We continually enhance Datamaran’s capabilities to make this information more accessible and valuable to decision-makers.  No human can analyse and detect patterns across the millions of reports, regulations, tweets and news articles as quickly and consistently as Datamaran can. This simply wasn’t possible a few years ago.”

Aligning Financial and Non-Financial Metrics 

Tomorrow, Alma will chair two sessions at Ethical Corporation’s Sustainability Reporting Summit to discuss the role of new technology and big data analytics in advancing non-financial risk management with executives from Puma, Landsec, The Crown Estate and Yorkshire Water.

During the 2-day Summit, delegates have an exclusive chance to win a 12-month subscription to Datamaran (value of £15,000). Delegates simply have to post on Twitter or LinkedIn with their number one corporate reporting lesson during the Summit – including @DatamaranAI and #SRCEU in their posts.

Follow Datamaran on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for live updates through the Datamaran3 Launch Event and Ethical Corporation Reporting Summit.

Datamaran is the leading digital solution for external risk management platform. It combines AI technology and human expertise to provide powerful, fast and reliable business intelligence on the competitive, regulatory and reputational risks tied to emerging business issues.

Datamaran offers a combination of data analytics and managed services to support its global base of corporate, investor and consulting clients.

The team consists of risk, finance, corporate sustainability, consultants, lawyers and data scientists, based in offices across North America, Europe and Asia.


Awards Datamaran 2015-2022


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