Datamaran launches a user certification program

Datamaran - the leading digital solution for external risk management - launches its user certification program.

LONDON - 23 October 2018. Datamaran - the leading solution for non-financial risk management - announced today a launch of a user certification program for Datamaran 4. 

The purpose of the program is to empower Datamaran customers to achieve high proficiency in using and applying Datamaran 4 to various internal use cases. The ultimate goal is to help customers to take a full ownership of benchmarking, materiality analysis, and issues monitoring processes in-house.

A six-week program that comes complimentary to all customers helps users achieve proficiency at their own pace. Followed by an exam, the program provides with a collection of interactive lectures, audio-visual materials, coursework, as well as custom analysis template.

Director of Customer Success at Datamaran Maeva Charles said: “We are very pleased to launch the certification program. As there is a growing demand for evidence-based decision making from both risk and sustainability perspectives, Datamaran is increasingly being used across multiple teams within organizations. We want to ensure our customers know how to best leverage Datamaran 4 for their specific corporate needs with this certification program.”

Depending on corporate needs, customers can choose between “ScubaDive” for benchmarking or “DeepDive” for materiality analysis courses. Both options come with the “JumpDive” course, which gives a general overview of Datamaran 4, as well as the latest best practices from the corporate sustainability field. 

Disclaimer: Please note Datamaran Certification does not replace high-quality customer support, its aim is to empower customers to make the most of Datamaran and to take a full ownership of benchmarking, materiality analysis, and issues monitoring processes in-house.

An overview of the certification program is available here

For any press enquiries please contact Adriana Farenga at or on +44 2077029595. 


About Datamaran

Datamaran is the global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for non-financial risk management.

Datamaran enables a business process for continuous issues monitoring fully owned by the sustainability and risk teams. It harnesses technology to support decision-makers with an improved materiality analysis process – one that seamlessly integrates into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and corporate strategy.

Datamaran’s global clientele of blue-chip companies have replaced the dated and expensive manual processes used for benchmarking, materiality and non-financial risk analysis as well as issues monitoring.

The insights Datamaran users gather are used across multiple business teams (governance, risk, compliance, sustainability) to identify and monitor risks and opportunities and to inform corporate strategy.

If you would like to learn more about Datamaran please email or call on +44 2077029595.


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