Press Release - Datamaran closes successful $4.5 million Series A investment round

(London, UK, 20th April 2018) 

Contact: Adriana Farenga

Company: Datamaran


Telephone: +44 7732441001

Datamaran closes successful $4.5 milllion Series A investment round

LONDON - Datamaran, a provider of cutting-edge solutions for non-financial risk management, recently closed its Series A investment round. The funds raised will be invested to help accelerate growth in North America and Europe. Datamaran will focus on fully automated applications; taking manual services and applying AI to build faster and better applications. Datamaran aims to monetize the opportunities that surround data usage by 3rd parties.

“A shift has happened. New business issues like climate risk and diversity are critical, they are increasingly regulated and an essential part of comprehensive business risk management. Datamaran helps business meet this need. We are thrilled to close this successful Series A fundraise through the valued support of Keystone, West Hill, and our long-standing investor base. The financing enables us to boost our growth, innovate and broaden our Saas product suite" – CEO & Co-founder of Datamaran, Marjella Lecourt-Alma

The Keystone Law team led by Nadim Zaman (Corporate Finance and M&A specialist) advised Datamaran on its equity funding, helping to secure a cash injection via West Hill Capital, who introduced the majority of the funds raised. VC Run Capital and the company´s existing shareholders helped close this successful funding round.

Having worked closely with co-founders Marjella, Jean-Philippe and Jérôme from day-one, it has been a privilege to get to know them and be part of the company’s high-growth journey. It was particularly gratifying to be able to assist in putting the deal together for such a valued client. We are increasingly seeing opportunities in the market to do so.” - Nadim Zaman of Keystone Law

Andrew Brode, Investor & Board member - Marjella Alma, CEO & Co-Founder - Marco Ariello, Investor - London, 12 April 2018 - Datamaran

“I've seen the company grow since 2014, and I am as excited as ever by this subscription business. The market opportunity is obviously huge.” - Andrew Brode, current investor of Datamaran, and board member.

“West Hill was delighted to assist Datamaran with its capital raising. The capital raise was enthusiastically supported by our investor base and it ticked many of the boxes sought by investors – an innovative, highly differentiated business, operating in a growing market, with strong management and revenue growth opportunities.” - Edward Williams, Partner at West Hill Corporate Finance

Datamaran was launched in 2014 by a former Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) director, a Wall Street Quant and trader and a technology and analytics consultant. Datamaran’s blue-chip client-base uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to fully automate and professionalize their identification and monitoring of 100+ non-financial issues.

“Companies need reliable data-driven input, robust assessments of what is business critical information and insights into what’s coming next. Datamaran is an indispensable ally.”  - Susanne Stormer, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Novo Nordisk (a Datamaran client).


About Datamaran 

Datamaran’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology uses natural language processing (NLP) to sift and analyse extensive publicly available unstructured datasets.

Datamaran captures evidence-based insights from sources including 7,000+ company reports, regulations, traditional news outlets and social media. Datamaran is currently tracking around 100 topics in real-time, including those related to ESG (environmental, social, governance), as well as themes such as geopolitics, innovation and technology.

More than 50 customers across 15 markets have replaced the dated and expensive manual processes that they used to use for benchmarking, risk analysis and other consulting assignments. The insights customers gather from Datamaran are used across multiple business teams to identify and monitor risk and opportunities, and inform strategic business decisions. See more at

If you would like to learn more about Datamaran please email Adriana Farenga at or call her on +442037352974


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