Press Release: ERM’s Data-driven Materiality Assessment powered by Datamaran. Companies can now access the most powerful materiality analysis offering on the market as experts join forces.
Press Release: Datamaran has endorsed the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) Principles For Responsible Banking along with 50 leading banks.
Press Release: Datamaran, the leading solution for non-financial risk management, announced today a launch of a user certification programme for Datamaran 4.
A new study by Datamaran reveals a tougher stance by regulators on ESG disclosure. Top expected regulations across sectors are in Supply Chain Management and Business Ethics.
Sustainable Brands - August 2018
Financial Services are lagging behind all other industries when it comes to climate change disclosure, according to Datamaran ne data brief.
The Actuary - August 2018
Companies in the financial services sector are the least committed signatories to the TCFD, new research has found.
Edie - August 2018
A research by Datamaran compares how financial and non-financial TCFD signatories report on their climate impacts. Article published on Edie.
Press Release: Financial Services are lagging behind all other industries when it comes to climate change disclosure according to a new data brief released by Datamaran.
Press Release: Marjella Alma, CEO and co-founder of Datamaran, joins as a new member of ACCA’s (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Global Forum for Sustainability. Source: ACCA.
Press Release: Datamaran has announced today that three of its patent applications have been published on the World Intellectual Property Organisation website.
Press Release: Marco Ariello was named Chairman of Datamaran Ltd., a London-based technology business that provides unique software solutions for non-financial risk management.
Press Release: Datamaran recently closed a $4.5 milllion Series A investment round. The funds raised will be invested to help accelerate growth in North America and Europe.
"But many product innovators are finding entirely new ways leverage ESG. Datamaran uses sophisticated analytics to search and benchmark ESG data signals, among other things."
Press Release - Welcome to Datamaran 4: The Materiality Revolution is Here. Datamaran 4 makes possible the first ever fully automated materiality analysis.
Network For Business Sustainability - January 2018. This article spotlights one of Datamaran's clients, Culture Capital, and how they use ESG data to assess company culture.
Network For Business Sustainability - January 2018. Today, business intelligence remains vital. This article discusses how Datamaran takes a different approach to materiality.
Finance Monthly - January 2018
Marjella Alma, CEO and co-founder of Datamaran, explains how game-changing technology solution can create value.
Huffington Post - January 2018
Datamaran contributed to the The Better World Leadership Study with a group of corporates, including: Dow Chemical and HP.
Information Age - January 2018
Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma was a finalist for the 2018 edition of the Women in IT Awards, the world's largest tech diversity event.
Ethical Corporation - November 2017
Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma gives a keynote on non-financial data at the Reporting and Communications Summit.
Press Release: Datamaran launches the third version of its platform – Datamaran3. This new version includes standardized workflows to underpin robust materiality analysis.
Eco Business - August 2017
Datamaran was featured in an article examining new technology trends set to transform the world of corporate social responsibility.
Forbes - August 2017
Does the inclusion of Big Data platforms like Datamaran yield better returns for Financial services companies?
GreenBiz - March 2016
Datamaran's Donato Calace teases apart the difference between the reporting frameworks, and how they should be used by companies.
GreenBiz - February 2016
Datamaran are mentioned in an article that looks at the tools practitioners use to identify and prioritize sustainability issues.
Triple Pundit - December 2015
Datamaran's Susie Katus gives her insight on why silos form in organizations, and how companies can avoid them.
Environmental Leader - December 2015
Datamaran, an analytics software platform, can help business executives stay on top of a growing body of ESG-related regulations.
Shared Value Initiative - November 2015
Can data analytics help your business to remain in the market by 2020? Can good data prevent scandal like VW?
Huffington Post - September 2015
Volkswagen's diesel-powered cars were cheating on emissions tests and releasing far more pollutants into the air than previously thought.
Forbes - June 2015
Marjella Alma sits down with Forbes' Chris Skroupa to discuss the vision behind Datamaran.
3blmedia - March 2015
Watch this interview with Marjella Alma, CEO of Datamaran, discussing the purpose of sustainability reporting and disclosures.
Forbes - January 2015
Shareholders, companies and capital markets experts are working through just how to integrate ESG performance into analyst reports.
Wirtshafts Woche - September 2014
This piece written by Wirtshafts Woche explains exactly how big data promotes sustainability - and how it can be used.

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