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Network For Business Sustainability - January 2018
“The New Economy is a banner under which we recognize certain new kinds of asset classes,” argued John Kao, a Harvard Business School professor, in 1996. “We recognize the value of ideas; we recognize the value of transforming those ideas in value. We recognize the value of agility.”
Network For Business Sustainability - January 2018
Today, business intelligence remains vital. The term refers to the transformation of data into knowledge that can support business decisions. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues become central to business strategy, companies require new types of non-financial business intelligence.
Finance Monthly - January 2018
Andrew Bird, the MD of Crowe Horwath Risk Consulting UK and Marjella Alma, the CEO of eRevalue explain Emerging Issues and how a dramatic business response and game changing technology solution can create value.
Huffington Post - January 2018
“More empathy means more profit” declares the headline in The Guardian. The article quotes Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft urging that empathy is core to the innovation agenda in the company. Too few companies actually measure the results of empathy training.
Information Age - January 2018
The finalists for the 2018 edition of the Women in IT Awards, the world's largest tech diversity event, are today revealed. More than 1,100 business and tech leaders will convene at the event's gala ceremony on 31 January in London as the winners are announced
Ethical Corporation - November 2017
The challenge for companies is to convey non-financial data as if they were financial with the aim of building trust and brand reputation among stakeholders.
Eco Business - August 2017
The rise of technological innovations that enable real-time data collection and reporting, new methods of communication and number-crunching is set to transform the world of corporate social responsibility, says CSR Asia’s Inna Amesheva.
Forbes - August 2017
When investors look to make a substantial buy into a company’s stock, one thing they look for is sustainability in a company’s operation. This means that ESG integration needs an in-depth blueprint in order for it to function well and be resilient to change.
GreenBiz - March 2016
Navigating the unexplored waters of EESG frameworks and indicators is not an easy task, especially if you are not confident in your map. With all the “maps” (that is, frameworks and guidelines) available, choosing the right one is a crucial decision for the “captain” (such as the manager).
GreenBiz - February 2016
Most large companies have identified their most critical sustainability issues, including human rights, water, customer privacy, climate change and beyond. Identifying and prioritizing those social and environmental issues, such as a materiality assessment, helps companies allocate resources, set goals and focus their strategy.
Triple Pundit - December 2015
Silos occur naturally in organizations, and companies struggle to get information out of a silo and into a broader organization. A lack of information on sourcing, for example, can cause a company to wake up one morning and find out a supplier has used conflict minerals or child labor.
Environmental Leader - December 2015
Datamaran, an analytics software platform from eRevalue, can help business executives and their advisors stay on top of a growing number of financial and environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related regulations.
Shared Value Initiative - November 2015
eRevalue is a women-led data analytics firm, co-founded by Marjella Alma, former Director at GRI. Their solution - a data analytics platform called Datamaran(tm) - is new, disruptive and was built with the market.
Bloomberg - October 2015
Research suggests there may have been hints of the still-unfolding diesel emissions scandal at Volkswagen AG hidden in corporate sustainability reports.
Huffington Post - September 2015
While Volkswagen's diesel-powered cars were cheating on emissions tests and releasing far more pollutants into the air than previously thought, the company backed away from opportunities to talk about its impact on air quality.
Forbes - June 2015
Marjella Alma is founder and CEO of eRevalue Ltd., a women-led technology company with offices in London and NYC. eRevalue offers Datamaran™, an emerging issues management system that delivers real-time analytics on new forms of regulatory, reputational and competitive risk and opportunity.
3blmedia - March 2015
GRI’s Reporting 2025 is designed to promote an international discussion about the purpose of sustainability reporting and disclosures looking ahead to 2025. Watch this interview with Marjella Alma, CEO, eRevalue.
Forbes - January 2015
Shareholders, companies and capital markets experts are working through just how to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance into analyst reports so that companies with strong ratings might be considered more attractive investments.
Wirtshafts Woche - September 2014
Immer mehr Startups nutzen Datenanalysen für Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte – sei es bei der Rohstoffförderung, in Unternehmen oder der Mobilität.

Big Data

Big data has saturated modern technology processes, and as such has become a vital component in business strategy.

Drawing from 3 powerful sources – corporate reports (over 50,000 reports issued by the world’s largest 7000 companies), regulations (full geographic coverage of over 3000 regulations); and over 1000 online news sources and Twitter analytics. Narrative analytics and natural language processing provide in depth and qualitative data to inform the discussion.

The database is “living” so we access new reports as they’re published. Why wait for the next financial year – see what’s trending now.


Our Artificial Intelligence platform maps 6,000 synonyms to 100 economic, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues, making it not only fast, but intelligent in understanding the value of the language used within the sources it scans.

Our technology identifies consistencies – and inconsistencies – in unstructured data sets. Combined with our team of experts who “teach” the machine what it needs to understand, and who undertake extensive quality checking, this is a dream system that gives you incredible power, speed and intelligence. Imagine what you could do with access to the best AI and the best people. 

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We discuss everything from supply chain risk management, to materiality, business survival, global responsibility, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the big data revolution and even the VW scandal and how a sudden silence on an issue could help companies to identify risks and prevent future scandals. 

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