To be effective, the materiality assessment process shouldn't concern reporting exclusively. Boards and C-suites need to be engaged. Read Datamaran's comment on the review of GRI’s Universal Standards.
Datamaran's recommendation to the IFRS Trustees is to address the operational gap in the application of the materiality principle, in particular, data and governance.
Published jointly by The Conference Board and Datamaran, this new Global Insights Report examines how some of the largest public companies reacted to the events of 2020 in their corporate reporting.
Datamaran’s AI engine automatically tracks corporate disclosures and initiatives, as well as regulatory developments. Learn how.
Just three months after the COVID-19 outbreak began, many companies are responding quickly and transparently to crisis in their formal disclosures. Read the full research.
Based on a series of in-depth interviews, this free ebook explores how major global players have brought materiality beyond reporting using Datamaran.
To which extent has the adoption of the TCFD recommendations been reflected in supporters’ corporate disclosure? Check out this infographic.
Climate change is now appearing in financial services disclosure more than ever before. What is the role of the TCFD recommendations in this change?
Boeing, VW, Nissan scandals: could they have seen it coming? Our new study shows how materiality analysis can prevent global reputation damage.
“Close to half of 4737 companies did not disclose Climate Change in their financial reports in 2018” says Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma. Using Datamaran Benchmark module, we created geographical analysis of mentions.
Using Datamaran Benchmark module, we compared the Annual Financial Reports and SEC Filings of 16 carmaker companies in 2016, 2017 and 2018, to find out not only Nissan is struggling with governance reporting
The aim of this brief is to analyze how the TCFD signatories have been reporting on climate-related topics for the past five years.

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