Explore the latest infographics that are created by using Datamaran’s Artificial Intelligence that tracks 100 non-financial topics by sifting and analyzing millions of data points from publicly available sources, such as, corporate reports, mandatory regulations and voluntary initiatives, as well as news and social media.

Clinical Trials mentions in 2018 reports
New data insights reveal that 38% of US Biotechnology, Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies mentioned Clinical Trials with high emphasis in their reports, against 13% of EU companies.
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: the most regulated topics
US and UK Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sector-specific regulatory landscape is similar, as both are focusing on Product and Service Safety, Clinical Trials and Product Labelling.
Sector-free Regulations
Sector-free regulations (ESG regulations that are not sector specific) increased by 145% in Canada and the US since 2015, and by 158% in the UK. More insights on this topic in Datamaran Global Insights Report
ESG regulations related to Financial Services
Governance-related regulations are leading in the UK Financial Services sector. In addition, Environmental and Employment related regulations have substantially grown in relative terms in the last three years.
ESG regulations in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sector
Policymakers are taking a tougher stance on ESG regulations in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sector: more mandatory regulations have been introduced in the last three years compared to the previous period.
The impact of the Modern Slavery Act (2015)
Since 2015, we observe a significant increase in emphasis of Forced Labor in both Annual Financial Reports and Sustainability Reports in both large and mid-size corporations in the UK.
Is Asia going paperless?
Data insights captured with Datamaran Search Module counted the mentions of “paperless” in company reports across Asia, Americas and Europe, showing Asian companies are taking the lead.
Greenhouse Gases disclosure
In 2017 reporting on greenhouse gases with high emphasis has peaked among the TCFD signatories, while non-signatory peers maintained a stable reporting.
Climate-related disclosure
Twice as many non-financial TCFD signatories report on Climate Change and Air Quality with a high emphasis, compared to Financial Services.
Single-use plastic
Online news sources increased their coverage of single-use plastic seven times this summer. Is business finally ready to fight plastic waste or was it just a silly season?
Geopolitical Risk
83% of companies in North America have discussed geopolitical risks in their 2018 reports compared to only 63% in Western Europe. Insights from Datamaran.
SDG reporting: Utilities
Climate Change (SGD 13), Clean Energy (SDG 7) and Zero Hunger (SDG 2) are the core of SDG reporting from utility companies. Insights from Datamaran.
SDG reporting: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
When reporting on the SDGs, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies place the highest emphasis on SGD 16 (Justice and strong institutions), SDG5 (Gender Equality), and SDG3 (Good Health).
SDG reporting: Financial Services
Datamaran insights reveal how financial services report on SDG: highest emphasis is placed on SGD 16 (Justice and strong institutions), SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and No Poverty (SDG 1).