Not only Nissan is struggling with governance reporting: data insight captured with Datamaran show Asian carmakers are lagging behind their European and American counterparts in reporting on governance.

This research looks at 16 companies Annual Financial Reports and SEC Filings in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 42 is a max. score per year per company (126 across all three years) represents the highest emphasis across all 14 governance topics.

The research has been done by using the Benchmark module on Datamaran. "Total Score" takes into consideration 14 Datamaran governance topics and emphasis each company places on them in its corporate reporting. 

Investigating Nissan’s transparency

In a series of heatmaps produced by Datamaran, it’s clear that Nissan has failed to report critical corporate governance issues in its annual reports for the last three years. Had this been noted by shareholders and regulators, the lack of transparency should have given an advanced warning of a potential problem.

In this opinion piece, Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma argues why the recent Nissan's scandal should not have been a surprise.

Global Insights Report: The Three Big Wake-Up Calls For Boards

The events of 2020 brought risks related to public health, climate change, and diversity, equity, and inclusion to the forefront of public consciousness. Yet, too many businesses are failing to incorporate external and ESG risks into their long-term strategies and to think about business model innovations to reorient towards long-term value creation.

Published jointly by Datamaran and The Conference Board, this Global Insights Report examines how some of the largest public companies reacted to the events of 2020 in their corporate reporting. It considers how senior executives and Boards can apply this knowledge in addressing other systemic and external risks.

Get your complimentary copy now and learn how to use real-time data to monitor the external risks landscape and stay on top of trends.

Global Insights Report 2020


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