Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: the most regulated topics

healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: the most regulated topics

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US and UK Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sector-specific regulatory landscape is similar, as both are focusing on Product and Service Safety, Clinical Trials and Product Labelling, while policymakers in Canada are mostly focusing on Harmful Substances and Occupational Health & Safety.

Further analysis is available in the Global Insights Report 2018.

Global Insights Report: The rise of ESG regulations

The evolution of accountability shows us it is only a matter of time before prominent voluntary initiatives will become mandatory regulations, as such being ahead of the curve will help businesses mitigate any backlash.

How can companies navigate the complexity of the constantly evolving ESG regulatory landscape? What voluntary initiatives are worth a consideration? What material non-financial topics are emerging and developing? Finally, with policymakers being the key stakeholder group for business, the report helps to analyze and identify their activities as well as potential impacts on business.

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Global Insights Report 2018 - the rise of ESG regulations

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