Greenhouse Gases disclosure

Greenouse Gases disclosure among TCFD signatories

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In 2017 reporting on greenhouse gases with high emphasis has peaked among the TCFD signatories - with circa 10% increase - while non-signatory peers maintained a stable reporting, according to a new data brief released by Datamaran.

TCFD: An update on corporate disclosure following the second status report

In June 2019, the TCFD released its second status report, indicating increased adoption of its recommendations.

To coincide with its release, we are updating our previous analysis into the extent to which this adoption has been reflected in supporters’ corporate disclosure.

The analysis shows that, whether they’re supporters or non-supporters of the TCFD, companies are now talking about climate change more than ever before. More in detail, climate change is predominantly discussed through a risk rather than an opportunity lense – with 54% of FinServ TCFD supporters referring to the topic in relation to risk and 20% in relation to opportunity in 2018. 

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