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Global Insights Report:
The Three Big Wake-Up Calls For Boards

How can Boards and CEOs prepare for 2021?

Learn how you can create the perfect materiality assessment in record time.
Learn how you can create the perfect materiality assessment for every client in record time

External and ESG risks - and the pace at which they emerge - have transformed the business landscape in 2020.

The events of 2020 brought risks related to public health, climate change, and diversity, equity, and inclusion to the forefront of public consciousness. Yet, too many businesses are failing to incorporate external and ESG risks into their long-term strategies and to think about business model innovations to reorient towards long-term value creation.

Published jointly by Datamaran and The Conference Board, this Global Insights Report examines how some of the largest public companies reacted to the events of 2020 in their corporate reporting. It considers how senior executives and Boards can apply this knowledge in addressing other systemic and external risks. 

Key insights for what’s ahead: 

  • Now is the time for companies to examine whether their financial disclosures adequately acknowledge systemic risks.
  • As more ESG are run through the financial disclosure process, companies may be increasingly expected to provide more specifics.
  • Materiality is dynamic: as companies react to the current crises, they should carefully consider what other relatively “dormant” risks might be around the corner.

To learn how senior executives can prepare for risks that have been flagged as emerging but not identified as material, download this Global Insights Report.

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“Getting executives and board members to look at ESG as an integrated business function is crucial. So much ESG data is traditionally based on past performance, and not forward looking. The more real-time you can get with your data, the better able you are to forecast where your company needs to go.”

Evan Harvey, Global Head of Sustainability, Nasdaq

What can you expect to see in this report?

This research focuses on some of the largest public companies from Europe and the United States, examining the S&P 500 and the S&P Europe 350 using Datamaran’s patented technology. It shows that companies still have work to do in reassessing their risk management, annual reporting and Board oversight practices. Specifically:

  • Companies were largely unprepared for public health risks before they materialized.
  • Climate risk disclosure has increased, but most disclosure lack specificity.
  • Disclosure of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is less prominent in financial reporting of US companies and will likely be under the microscope moving forward.


Download the Global Insights Report to learn how to use real-time data to monitor the external risks landscape and stay on top of trends.

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Datamaran is the only software analytics platform in the world that identifies and monitors external risks, including ESG. Trusted by blue-chip companies and top tier partners, it brings a data-driven business process for external risk and materiality analysis. In house - at any time. 

Datamaran’s patented and award-winning technology offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks, specific to your business and value chain.

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