EY risk advisory powered by Datamaran

Datamaran - EY Partnership

Datamaran is collaborating with EY to offer the most complete risk advisory services supported by technology. This makes EY the first of the Big 4 accountancy firms to put non-financial risks at the core of its risk advisory offering.

While other data software like SAP helps to manage and monitor internal risks with operational data, Datamaran provides a complementary approach. It relies on unique and innovative use of technology to expand external risk analysis. The quantification of qualitative data allows EY to tap into big data to better inform decision-making, through a more objective and evidence-based approach.

This collaboration brings companies a more holistic approach to risk management, allowing them to better manage mainstream business processes. With effective management of both internal and external risks now essential for corporate strategy, our innovative, data-driven approach will give organizations a clearer picture of their risks and opportunities, wherever they come from.

The service offering will be launched in EMEIA, where EY's team of advisors will use Datamaran to enhance their support, while clients will be able to monitor external risks directly through the platform.

Hanne Jesca Bax, EMEIA Chief Commercial Officer at EY, commented: "It is great to see the collaboration between Datamaran and EY come to life, to focus on more holistic view of risks and assets, rather than just financials."

If you would like to learn more about our collaboration with EY risk advisory or are interested in partnering with Datamaran, please contact Maeva Charles, VP of Partnerships and Client Solutions, at partnership@datamaran.com.

Datamaran - Overview

What is behind Datamaran?

Datamaran enables a fully automated and digitized approach to monitoring emerging and ESG issues, tailored to your business and value chain. It offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks to strengthen decision-making - with the power of patented technology.

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