July 2, 2019

​​Borsa Italiana sustainability day

Datamaran's Director of Accounts and Innovation Donato Calace will speak at the Borsa Italiana Sustainability Day on Tuesday 2 July in Milan, giving a talk on "the informational power of emphasis in non-financial disclosures."

This session will present how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to identify and monitor material risks and opportunities, build benchmarks and identify best practices, enabling the identification of trends and flags that would be invisible otherwise.

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17 July 2019

​BrightTalk’s Data Management and Analytics in Financial Services Summit

Datamaran’s Director of Customer Success Maeva Charles will speak at BrightTalk’s Data Management and Analytics in Financial Services Summit on 17 July in London.

She will lead a session on “The role of AI in identifying emerging risks in Financial Services”. Through her talk, you will get a broader perspective into emerging (also referred as non-financial or Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)) risks in Financial Services.

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May 1, 2019

​RIMS 2019

Datamaran Director of Customer Success Maeva will speak on 1st May at the RIMS 2019 conference in Boston. She will lead a session on" Changing the Risk Management Culture and Future-Proofing Your Organization".

The focus of the panel will be how to prepare your organization to integrate risk management—including non-financial issues—into its processes and culture.

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April 11-12, 2019

Sustainable Business Roundtable

Datamaran Director of Accounts and Innovation Donato Calace will speak on 11 and 12 April at the Sustainable Business Roundtable organized in Berlin by ESMT. The event focus will be on how to integrate sustainability into the corporate DNA.

The Roundtable will see the participation of 50+ very senior representatives from 30+ global companies and organizations. Confirmed companies include Unicredit, ING, BASF and others.

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March 15, 2019

Invest For Good - Social Impact Conference

Our Director of Accounts and Innovation Donato Calace will speak at the Invest For Good - Social Impact Conference organized by London Business School on Friday 15 March. Donato will speak on a panel dedicated to the role of technology (with a particular focus on AI and Big Data) in ESG and impact investing. 

The discussion will highlight how AI and big data can drive improved corporate sustainability and performance, as well as the impacts that technology has on guiding investment, increasing information flow, and measuring impact.

Other speakers include:

  • Sam Baker. Partner. Deloitte.
  • Omar Selim. CEO. Arabesque.
  • Sam Carson. Director of Sustainability Innovation. Carbon Credentials.
  • Nadia Sood. CEO and Founder. CreditEnable.

March 13, 2019

NAEM Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase

Our VP of Business Development Susanne Katus will give a talk on 13 March at the NAEM Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase in New Orleans. Susanne will present alongside Melissa Tominack, Senior Sustainability Coordinator at American Electric Power.

The talk will be focused on how materiality analysis can be powered by AI technology, and how AEP is using Datamaran 4 to make the materiality process more robust, data-driven and efficient.

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February 24, 2019

Datamaran's first USA User Forum

Join us on the 24th of February 2019 for our first USA User Forum at Wrigley Hall, on the ASU Tempe Campus, Phoenix, USA. Exclusive to Datamaran clients only, the event will be the occasion to meet other Datamaran users and to exchange ideas and best practice on benchmarking, materiality analysis and continuous monitoring.

In addition to collaborative workshops and inspirational talks, the event will feature an exclusive fireside chat with Evan Harvey (Nasdaq) and Emily Chasan (Bloomberg) on why materiality of non-financial issues matter to investors. The latter section will be open to corporate attendees on an invitation-basis.

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February 21, 2019

Nachhaltigkeit Software Überblickstag (Sustainable Software Overview Day)

Join Datamaran Director of Accounts and Innovation Donato Calace and Senior Business Development Manager Haris Odobasic in Hamburg on 21 February for the Nachhaltigkeit Software Überblickstag (Sustainable Software Overview Day), to discover how Datamaran software can enhance your materiality analysis process and support your sustainability strategies.

During their session, Donato and Haris will investigate how the introduction of Artificial Intelligence has changed the traditional approach to materiality, and how Datamaran 4 Materiality App replaced manual data analysis, enabling sustainability professionals to save more time for strategic thinking.

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​January 8, 2019

Why ESG issues matter to energy companies and how to handle them

Datamaran VP of Business Development Susanne Katus will speak at the “Why ESG issues matter to energy companies and how to handle them” meeting on 8 January organized by Joele Frank, Houston. Susanne will discuss the opportunity that new technologies and big data analysis provides to advance the integration of ESG issues into shareholder and corporate decision-making. She will provide practical examples of how leading companies are using Datamaran to do so.

Confirmed speakers include:

Ann Larson, Managing Director of Global Quantitative Research, AB Bernstein

Pam Lacey, Chief Regulatory Counsel, AGA

Professor Bryan Willson, Presidential Chair in Energy Innovation Director, CSU Energy Institute

James Viray, Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development, ConocoPhillips

Ali A. Zaidi, Of Counsel, Kirkland & Ellis

Moderator: Barbara Pomfret

November  26, 2018

Datamaran’s first European User Forum:
Decoding your industry's future challenges

Join us on the 26th of November for our first European User Forum at The Tire Station in Amsterdam. Exclusive to Datamaran clients only, the User Forum is a great opportunity to meet other Datamaran users and get actionable insights and the latest best practice on benchmarking, materiality analysis, and continuous monitoring of non-financial issues.

The event will bring together like-minded professionals to exchange ideas in a fun and interactive way. To ensure you have the best experience, we want to hear from you. Are there any non-financial topics or issues, based on the Datamaran Ontology that you are most keen to hear about? Please let us know by the 16th of November so we can include this as best we can in the workshop.

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October 1, 2018

The ONE National Conference 2018

Our VP of Business Development Susanne Katus will be speaking The ONE National Conference
in Halifax on 1st October. This year’s theme will be “Sustainability through adaptability”, and
Susanne will be giving a talk on how Artificial Intelligence makes CPAs Better.

Susanne will be speaking alongside;

John Colthart, VP of Growth, MindBridge

Michael Paterson, Partner, PWC

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​October 2, 2018

Come integrare gli ESG nella risk culture (How to integrate ESG in risk culture)

Datamaran’s CEO Marjella Alma and Director of Innovation Donato Calace will participate on the 2nd October, in a workshop dedicated to “How to integrate ESG in risk culture.”

The meeting is organized by Methodos and Nedcommunity for the members of the Reflection Group on new models of Leadership for Board of Directors. The event is part of a series of regular meetings organized in Italy by Nedcommunity.

The workshop will take place in Milan from 4 pm to 7 pm; in their session, Marjella and Donato will present case studies that will show how companies integrate ESG and risk management into their strategies.

Find out more about past events of the Reflection Group:

June 20, 2018

Global Compact Network Annual Symposium 2018

Our VP of Business Development Susanne Katus will be speaking at the Global Compact Network Annual Symposium 2018 “The Path to Impact: Financing and Collective Impact for the SDGs”. The event will take place on 20th of June in New York, and Susanne will take part in the morning session “Communicating for the Long-Term”.

Susanne will be speaking alongside;

Katherine Blue, Principal – Sustainability Services Network Leader, KPMG

Bhakti Mirchandani, Managing Director, FCLT Global

The panel will be moderated by Danielle Chesebrough, Senior Analyst, Investor Relations with UN Global Compact, PRI

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June 13-14, 2018

Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit 2018

Our CEO & Co-founder Marjella Alma will present at the Digital Keynote at The Responsible Business Summit on 13th-14th of June. Marjella will explore the impacts of the digital revolution – how will it transform business and industries.

Marjella will be speaking alongside;

Calvin St Juste, Executive Director, Comcast
Ghislaine Colella, Global Senior Vice President Retail, AXA
Minna Aila, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Nokia
Rebecca MacKinnon, Director, Ranking Digital Rights Project, New America

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June 12, 2018

Do AI and Big Data change what is material to investors?

Jerome Basdevant will be speaking at the IFD ” Do AI and Big Data change what is material to investors?” event on the 12th of June.

As the disclosure requirements are growing fast, companies are expected to disclose more than ever before. With available data increasing exponentially, can AI help investors decipher what is material? Can new tools forecast the impact of scenarios on a company’s profitability, and help evaluate risks and opportunities?

Join three panellists to explore how technological advancements and automation are changing. Find out what it means to integrate ESG factors into investment decision and what the implications are for the mainstream investor community?

Jerome will be joined by his fellow speakers, including;

Dr. Stephen Malinak, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, TruValue Labs

Valérie Cecchini, M. Sc., CFA, CPA, CGA

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May 15, 2018

Empowering businesses to engage with sustainable finance and the SDGs

Marjella Alma, will be participating in ACCA– EBRD- Barclays, Empowering businesses to engage with sustainable finance and the SDGs, on the 15th of May 2018

There will be a lively discussion on the proposals from the European Commission Action plan and the alignment of business strategies and corporate reporting contribution in meeting the SDGs and sustainable finance objectives.

Marjella will be moderating the panel on “How corporate sustainability reporting frameworks are enabling businesses to engage with sustainable finance and the SDGs”, speakers participating in the panel are:

Tom Verheye, Principal Adviser on Green Finance and Investment, DG Environment, European Commission

• Wim Bartels, Member of the TCFD and  Deputy chair ESG Reporting Task Force, Accountancy Europe

Andrea Valcalda, Head of Sustainability, ENEL 

• Jonathan Labrey, Chief Strategy Officer, IIRC

April 21, 2018

Women Techmakers in Valencia

Dr. Lianet Sepulveda Torres will be participating in Women Techmakers in Valencia on the 21st of April 2018

This is a one day conference celebrating pioneering women in technology. Dr Lianet will be speaking about the role of AI in detecting and monitoring emerging risks.

March 6th 2018

Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference

Women in Data Science (WiDS) is finally coming to London!

Dr. Lianet Sepúlveda Torres will take part in next week’s Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference – Tuesday 6th March in London. 

This is a one-day technical conference to celebrate women in Data Science, following the WiDS London 2018 Launch Party on the 5th March.

Dr. Lianet will be speaking along side some of the most pioneering women in Data Science, including 

  • Elly Hardwick, Head of Innovation, Deutsche Bank
  • Rebecca George OBE, Lead Partner, Public Sector, Deloitte LLP
  • Carly Sutherland, Head of AI Programmes, RBS

February 1st 2018


Datamaran is sponsoring the annual competition organized by the Finance Sustainability Initiative (FSI). The event aims to promote excellence in sustainability reporting among Canadian companies. All companies that are part of the S&P/TSX Composite Index and have produced a sustainability report at September 30th are automatically eligible.

This competition is conducted in collaboration with university students who comprise the juries tasked with choosing the best sustainability report for each industry sector assessed.

Datamaran provided data to support the assessment of companies. This data will be presented during the awards ceremony and online in a platform that FSI is creating. 

For further information and ticket information, follow this link.

December 1st 2017

Webinar: Stock Exchanges & The SDGs – Driving the Demand for Transparency 

This webinar gives you first-hand insight into why stock exchanges are driving the demand for transparency, and how your company can capitalize on the opportunity that the SDGs present. Hear from:
  • Sonia Favaretto, Managing Director Media Relations, Sustainability and Communications at B3, on; the importance of B3 having SDG-focused initiatives.
  • Siobhan Cleary, Head of Research and Public Policy at the WFE, on; why the WFE established a Sustainability Working Group to find a smart balance between investor demand, company capability and market efficiency.
  • Rebecca Self, CFO of Sustainable Finance at HSBC, on; how financial institutions can influence both the supply and demand for services and products that integrate the SDGs.
  • Erin Levey, Head of Research & Investor Strategy at Datamaran, on; how data can help to link the SDGs with the investor use case.

The discussion will be moderated by Susanne Katus, VP Business Development at Datamaran, who will touch on how  companies and investors worldwide are leveraging AI technology and big data analytics to more effectively embed the SDGs into decision-making.

November 21st 2017

Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs: Media, Communications & Brand Panel – London, UK

Hear from some of the leading experts in the sector and celebrate female entrepreneurship. The panel will be talking about their experience as women in business, and sharing their tips to success. It will be an opportunity to meet, network and learn from some of the leading innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of Media, Communications & Brand. Don’t miss out.

The moderator: ‘brand guru’ Rita Clifton CBE.

Our speakers:  

  • Shruti Malani Krishnan, Co-founder of Powr of You
  • Lucy Ward, Creative Director at Trouva
  • Marjella Alma, CEO & Co-founder of Datamaran
  • Emma Kane, CEO of Redleaf PR
  • Allegra McEvedy MBE, writer, broadcaster and Co-founder of LEON

Ticket costs to be donated to MicroLoan Foundation to help a woman in Africa start a business to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

November 16th 2017

Roundtable: Navigating New Realities – Regulatory Risks On Your Horizon - Montreal, Canada

Blakes and Datamaran co-host a breakfast roundtable discussion in Montreal on recent developments in the field of non-financial ESG (environment, social and governance) reporting, specifically on four “hot” issues:

  • Climate Change
  • Diversity
  • Supply Chain
  • Cybersecurity/ Privacy 

The format of the discussion will be a roundtable among industry leaders, with a view of eliciting active participation and a lively exchange of experiences and views on challenges facing businesses and best practices. 

To set the stage, experts in relevant fields will chart and provide background information on recent developments.

The event is invite-only. Please get in touch to request an invitation. 

Location: Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Montréal, Quebec 

This event is invitation only – but please let us know if you are interested in attending.

November 15th 2017

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Continuously Evolving Materiality Assessments - Philadelphia, US

Datamaran CEO, Marjella Alma, will give a keynote on the third and final day of this year’s ‘New Metrics’ conference, hosted by Sustainable Brands. 

Technological innovation is disrupting 21st century business models. It is transforming entire systems of production, management and governance, fundamentally altering the way companies engage with and are perceived by stakeholders. Coupled with the rising demand for more information on a company’s governance, strategic direction, operations and decisions by a wider set of stakeholders, this revolution requires an integrated, comprehensive and continuous response from business. Leveraging new forms of technology and Big Data analytics is one way to do this. Attend this talk to learn how some of the world’s leading companies are applying a data-driven approach to their materiality assessments and risk management processes – and how investors are digesting the same data to monitor non-financial performance.

 One day or full conferences passes are still available.

November 2nd 2017

Nonprofit Board Leadership: A Pathway For Companies To Achieve – New York, US

Datamaran is taking part in a nonprofit board study directed by author Alice Korngold.

Susanne Katus, VP of Business Development in the Americas, will join corporate leaders from six multinational corporations (American Express, HP, Johnson Controls, PIMCO, Symantec, The Dow Chemical Company) and The World Environment Center.

The session will focus on:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership Development
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The event will take place between 3-5 pm at PIMCO’s offices, 1633 Broadway. A drinks reception will follow. 

This event is invitation only – but please let us know if you are interested in attending.

October 17-18th 2017

Ethical Corporation Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit 

Datamaran is delighted to announce that it has collaborated with Ethical Corporation as an event partner for the Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit 2017

Marjella Alma, CEO and Co-founder of Datamaran will give the Summit’s keynote on total impact. Alma will discuss the opportunity for modern businesses to leverage advanced data analytics to drive impact reporting and resiliency.

Alma will be joined by sustainability heads from PumaSiemens and Land Securities

In London and interested in attending? We have a significant £300 discount code for you:

Enter ‘DATAMARAN300’ at the checkout to redeem!

October 16th 2017

Datamaran Launch: Version 3 – London, UK

Join us for drinks and festivities to celebrate the launch of Datamaran 3 on Monday the 16th of October from 3 – 6 pm.

Datamaran is the leading solution for non-financial risk management, serving corporates, investors, and consultants. The insights help users to identify emerging global risks with real-time big data.

This event will be an opportunity to catch a first glimpse at the latest innovation and new features of Datamaran 3. This will also be a great opportunity to meet and greet new and old acquaintances in an informal and friendly setting.

We have a couple of great speakers joining us:

The event will be situated at Keystone Law’s Chancery Lane office – 48 Chancery Lane. Chancery Lane is 5-10 minutes from Ethical Corporation’s Awards dinner by taxi or walking.

Tickets to the drinks are limited, so confirmation will be sent via email ahead of the event.

October 3rd 2017

Make Reporting Strategic Again – Paris, France

Your reporting is more useful than ever. Modern technologies enable us today to fully exploit it, freeing ourselves from the most tedious tasks to concentrate on the most strategic lessons.

UTOPIES will present its exclusive partnership with Datamaran. This led to a first joint study which covered nearly 400 French reports: CSR reports, activity reports, and integrated reports. From Datamaran, Dr. Donato Calace will provide insight into the results of this analysis, and other trends in non financial disclosure.

What do they reveal about the actual sustainability of the business model business? What future evolutions will meet the new uses of this information by a non-expert audience? What use by the Financial and Risk Departments?

We invite you to participate in this morning of discussion in a simple, concrete and positive way. You will hear the results of our research as well as our vision of strategic reporting, and collect your experiences and insight in this area.

Participation to this event is free but subject to registration. To register, email: flachaire@utopies.com

September 27th 2017

The New Realities of Risk Management: Integrating ESG Into ERM – Webinar

21st century business models are drastically changing. You face a rising demand for more extensive corporate governance information, and a wider set of stakeholders expect insight on a company’s strategic direction. Meanwhile, technological innovation continues to disrupt your industry. 

These trends are transforming systems of management, and fundamentally altering the way your company engages with and is perceived by stakeholders. This revolution requires a more integrated, data-centric and continuous response from business.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the new realities that your company has to address. You’ll gain insight into why a more integrated business model is necessary to ensure resilience and how big data analytics and technology can help.

Hear from the following thought leaders on how they are proactively responding to these demands by integrating non financial issues with risk management efforts:

September 25th 2017

The SDGs & Digitalization Roundtable – Munich

Together with Munich Airport, we are delighted to bring together key decision makers for an exclusive roundtable to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the path forward, with a key focus on the German market.

The discussion will explore how companies can use the digital revolution to inspire their SDG strategy and unlock business opportunity. Join us to talk about responsible business.

Hear from:

September 21st 2017

Data Analytics for Sustainable Development - Montreal, Canada

Director of Customer Success at Datamaran, Maeva Devienne, will speak at Deloitte’s exclusive breakfast conference that will address the application of data analytics to sustainable development.

The event will take place on Thursday 21st of September, and begin with Valérie Bécaert, Director of Partnerships at the Institute of Data Valorization (IVADO). Valérie will kick off the event by speaking about emerging trends in data analytics and artificial intelligence (IA).

Then, Maeva Devienne will present examples of AI application to identify the global themes of sustainable development.

Lastly, Jérôme Petigny, Risk Advisory Manager at Deloitte, will present examples of businesses that are using data analytics and data visualization to guide their sustainable development actions.

August 29th 2017

ESG Integration Summit - Stockholm

The ESG Integration Summit will bring together executives from Nasdaq Nordic listed companies with investors to discuss ways to integrate, and effectively report on ESG performance. We are very excited to contribute to the discussion. Director of Business Development, Carolien Gadella van Wersch, is hosting a session on Data Trends: How Data Builds the Investment Case for ESG.

Carolien will be joined by two fantastic guest speakers:

  • Therése Lennehag, Head of Responsible Investment at EQT
  • Geoffrey Burger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Culture Capital

This promises to be an excellent event hosted by our partners Skytop Strategies, with a set of experienced and talented executives already on the agenda. To get a full overview of the agenda, follow this link.

June 12th 2017

SDGs Reporting Training - Toronto Stock Exchange

An interactive training program for sustainability professionals to learn how to integrate the SDGs into your company’s sustainability report.

There have been a lot of queries, particularly in this reporting season, from our corporate sustainability network on how to embed the SDGs into sustainability reports and how to report on your current and future SDG-related activities.

We are excited to be part of this full-day training at Toronto Stock Exchange to celebrate the first inaugural SDGs Reporting Training. This training session is to provide you an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts on how to report on the SDGs through an interactive learning experience with your peers.

Hear from:

  • Susanne Katus, VP Business Development (Datamaran)
  • Maeva Devienne, Customer Success Manager (Datamaran)
  • Helle Bank Jorgensen, President (Global Compact Network Canada) and CEO (B.Accountability)
  • Geoff Pegg, Director of Sustainability (TELUS)
  • Elena Perez Vega, Manager Corporate and Stakeholder Relations (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • Cara Williams, Chief Advisor of International Relations (Statistics Canada)

May 30th - 2017

Webinar: Reporting on the SDGs: What Do Investors Need to Know? 

Join us for this important webinar.

This webinar will explore how companies can demonstrate to investors their commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and highlight what investors need to know. Investor demands for corporate transparency on the SDGs are on the rise. But while there is growing interest, there is little understanding of how to invest in these themes – and how companies can attract these investments.

What do investors really need to know, and how can companies effectively communicate this? Our expert panel will give their perspective on this topical issue and take questions from the audience.

Hear from:

  • Heike Reichelt – Head of Investor Relations and New Products at Capital Markets Department, World Bank
  • Martina Macpherson – Global Head of ESG Indices Product Management at S&P Dow Jones Indices
  • Nando van Kleefe – Senior Advisor Responsible Investment & Governance at MN
  • Geoffrey Burger, CFA – Owner and Portfolio Manager at Culture Capital
  • Ariel Meyerstein – Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability Program at Citi

May 3rd - 2017 : 3.00pm to 3.45pm

Enhanced Datamaran Ontology - Client Only Webinar

Join us for this client-only webinar on Datamaran’s enhanced ontology. 

Hear from Jérôme Basdevant, CTO, and Donato Calace, ESG Research Manager, on how the ontology continually adapts to and reflects market developments. Learn about the inclusion of new geopolitical and technology topics and expanded scope of existing topics.

April 5th & 6th - 2017

Webinar: Continuous Materiality Assessments Powered by Datamaran

Join us for this client-only webinar.

Hear from our Customer Success Managers Maeva Devienne and Leonardo Gutson, formerly consultants with Deloitte and KPMG, respectively, and discover:

  • How you can move from a once-a-year materiality assessment to a more continuous, evidence-based approach with Datamaran.
  • How the Strategic Issues Radar (launching early April) helps you to automatically map key issues to the UN SDGs and other frameworks, assess your coverage and compare this with peers. 

The webinar will be hosted in both English and Spanish at separate times.

Registration links will be sent via the client newsletter. 

April 4th - 2017 : 2.30pm to 3.45pm

Gender Equality Forum - Toronto

Hear from our VP of Business Development, Susanne Katus, as she facilitates a session at this year’s Global Compact Network Canada’s event on gender equality titled Demystifying gender quotas. The session will focus on:

  • The legal perspective to gender quotas and if they are effective and necessary?

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