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Datamaran and ERM - Environmental Resource Management are partnering to offer the best materiality assessment on the market – a comprehensive, data-driven analysis using the only materiality software out there, based on state-of-the-art AI technology, tailored and operationalized through ERM’s expert team of sustainability advisory consultants.

ERM’s expert advisory team will utilize the ESG risks and opportunities revealed through the Datamaran materiality platform, customize company-specific inputs to reflect the company’s business strategy and integrate and operationalize the results, providing strategic value to clients.

If you would like to learn more about the Datamaran-ERM partnership or are interested to partner with Datamaran, please contact Maeva Charles, VP of Partnerships and Client Solutions, at

Companies can now access the most powerful materiality analysis offering on the market as experts join forces.

Datamaran and ERM are partnering to offer the best materiality assessment on the market

Keryn James, CEO of ERM and Marjella Alma, CEO of Datamaran.

Speaking of the partnership, Marjella Lecourt-Alma, Datamaran CEO, said: “Datamaran has spent five years investing in its proprietary technology, and we want to reach as many companies as possible. We believe that, as the market leader in sustainability advisory services, ERM is the perfect partner to work with to help companies implement the data-driven process they build with Datamaran.”

Keryn James, ERM CEO, said: “ERM has an ambitious growth strategy for our sustainability advisory services, and our partnership with Datamaran is an important part of our approach. Datamaran is the software that will help our clients take their materiality analysis and sustainability strategy to the next level.”

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What is behind Datamaran?

Datamaran enables a fully automated and digitized approach to monitoring emerging and ESG issues, tailored to your business and value chain. It offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks to strengthen decision-making - with the power of patented technology.

Find out what is behind Datamaran

Get an overview of Datamaran 4 and learn it automates previously manual processes for benchmarking, materiality analysis, and ESG risk management. 

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