Ready for a deep-dive with Datamaran 4 Certification?

Benchmark - Certified user
Materiality - Certified user

Datamaran’s new certification program will help you to build familiarity and competency in using Datamaran 4 and help you apply it to internal use cases. It helps to take control of benchmarking, materiality analysis and issues monitoring processes in-house. This will ultimately enable you to embed non-financial issues into your business-as-usual on a systematic and ongoing basis. You will also become part of a community of proficient Datamaran users.

Exclusive for clients only

"Datamaran certification is very useful and corresponds to the way I learn with short videos focusing on one topic at a time. It really helps to master the tool."

Sustainability Director at US Regional Bank.

A four to twelve-week program helps you to achieve proficiency at your own pace through a collection of interactive lectures, audio-visual materials, external activities, course work as well as face-to-face meetings. When you are ready, the certification exam can be taken remotely on your own computer.

Depending on your use case for Datamaran, you can choose between “JumpDive” for benchmarking and/or “ScubaDive” for materiality analysis courses. Both options give you a general overview of Datamaran, as well as latest best practices from the corporate sustainability field.

The benefits

Datamaran Certification is a testimony of your ability and expertise to integrate non-financial issues into corporate strategy. With its evidence-based approach, Datamaran certified professionals will be increasingly recognized as forward-thinking experts.

What else?

  • Take control of benchmarking, materiality analysis and issues monitoring processes in-house
  • Stand out: Enhance your personal brand to improve your career with the certificate of a cutting edge AI platform professional
  • Elevate your status within your organization, promote your function and your role to get buy-in from your management and the board
  • Become part of an exclusive community of Datamaran users to get the actionable insights and the latest best practice
  • Join the Datamaran adventure by influencing the development of the platform to meet your corporate needs

Disclaimer: Please note Datamaran Certification does not replace high-quality customer support, its aim is to empower you to make the most of Datamaran and to take a full ownership of benchmarking, materiality analysis, and issues monitoring processes in-house.

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